Texting App on Android

How to Change Default Texting App on Android

Are you fed up of using the default SMS app on your Android? Looking for some other pleasant and new messaging app? If so, we’ve got your back! Now, you no...
Galaxy S8 Oreo Update

10 Best New Features in Galaxy S8 Oreo Update

Samsung has recently rolled out the Android Oreo update for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Though the latest upgrade keeps the core Galaxy S8 experience the same, it brings a number...
Leave Reviews on Google Play

How to Leave Reviews on Google Play Store

You've downloaded an app or game, used it for a while, got enough to be able to vote aye or nay; now it’s time to leave reviews on Google Play Store. The...
Capture Scrolling Screenshots on Android

How to Capture Scrolling Screenshots on Android

While it’s pretty easy to capture a screenshot in an instant using the specific smartphone button combinations, the idea of long, scrolling screenshots seems a bit tricky. Not anymore! Thankfully, a...
In-screen Fingerprint Sensor

Smartphone with In-screen Fingerprint Sensor Coming Soon

The world’s first smartphone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor is about to be launched soon and set the ball rolling for other brands to contribute the same to the technology market. Smartphone...
Pixel 2 Portrait Mode

How to Get Pixel 2 Portrait Mode on Android Phones Running Oreo

Portrait Mode is certainly among the most impressive camera features on Pixel 2 and as a photo lover, you’d never want to miss even a single chance to get it on...
Gaming Phones 2018

5 Best Gaming Phones 2018 for Every Budget

Every year, mobile gaming continues to grow in popularity. With amazing mobile games being launched on Google Play and App Store on the daily basis, a number of tech buffs have...
Ok Google Not Working

How to Fix Ok Google Not Working Issue

The launch of Google Assistant was like a “utopian dream come true” situation where all Android users could have a personal assistant all the time at their command. On the contrary,...
Block Ads on Android

How to Block Ads on Android: The Ultimate Guide

Are pop-up ads ruining your web browsing experience on Android? Not anymore as this how-to article will walk you through several solutions to block ads on Android. Just stay on this...
View Saved WiFi Passwords

How to View Saved WiFi Passwords on Android

Ever since the owning of your Android phone, you’ve likely connected to a number of WiFi networks, most of which require passwords. Have you remembered any of those passwords? Of course...


ID@Xbox Game Fest: Microsoft to promote Indie games with special discounts

Microsoft is hosting the ID@Xbox Game fest, a month-long promotional event for the Xbox One, starting May 3. The idea behind the event is...
Upcoming EA games 2016

Upcoming EA games 2016