Complete Guide

Complete Guide

10 features of Antivirus software

10 features of Antivirus software to always put on your checklist

With an escalating number of hackers and cyber-stalkers every next day, the need for an efficient antivirus protection keeps on mounting up. Whether it’s your first time of choosing an antivirus...
Get More Space in Gmail Account

6 Quick Ways to Get More Space in Gmail Account

Google users, currently, get 15GB free storage on Google Drive, Photos as well as Gmail. Undoubtedly, a good amount of room for a basic user to keep their data! However, for...
Keep Your Computer Virus-free

10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Computer Virus-free

Over the time of your using your computer, you must have come up against privacy and security threatening elements such as a virus, malware, spyware, and more such. And whether you...
Computer Maintenance

6 Good Things Computer Maintenance Do for You

Computers are important! In fact, computers have become so essential for professions as well as households that it’s hard to find a work that doesn’t contain the use of any kind...
Common Website Errors

Fix: 404 Error and Other Common Website Errors

There’s no Internet user who hasn’t run into any kind of website errors during their Internet browsing experience. While usually, it’s not an uphill battle to visit a website: you simply...
Benefits of Firewall Protection

6 Benefits of Firewall Protection You might Not Know

You must have heard about firewalls but do you know what they are used for? A firewall is a tool you must include in your computer security arsenal. Reasons why they’re...
Malware vs Virus

Malware vs Virus: What’s the Difference?

The Internet is an unpredictable place where a hoard of dangers can, unfortunately, lurk in websites, files or even emails and cause a lot a lot problem by crashing your system,...
Windows 8 Tips

10 Quick Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

Windows 8 has been a revolution in Windows history, thanks to its improved performance and a totally refreshed look. The old Start menu disappears and a fancy Start Screen takes its place with...
Secure Your Microsoft Account

10 Tricks to Secure Your Microsoft Account and Outlook Email

Your emails are a gateway to personal, social and professional life. Not only does your Microsoft account help you in communicating through emails but in Windows 10, you are allowed to...
Parental Control Tools

5 Things you can Monitor with Parental Control Tools

Parenting is the toughest of all jobs, and because you care for your kids’ security the most, it’s natural you become a little too much protective sometimes. But your kids won’t...


Mafia III: Rivals arriving to iOS and Android devices

Here’s great news for all gamers! The popular Mafia game series is all set to make its arrival on mobile platform in a completely...
Upcoming EA games 2016

Upcoming EA games 2016