By posting your content on Google, you can’t go back without any objective. Purpose of content writing is to retain your customers for better leads to convert. In the digital marketing environment, content writers have to work for company’s growth neglecting their personal interests. They are not writing for having international prizes. The simple content, blogs and articles writers write should be powerful vehicles to increase the rank with fast rise in ROI. For brand visibility, site improvement and stable online business promotion, you need to compose informative content. A short guide gives you ideas to upgrade the articles for having top positions on Bing/Google and other social media platforms.

No Hacking

Hacked materials online are removed by Google. Therefore, try to write the original fresh blogs which are created by you. Information which you curate from multiple websites should not be copied directly in your write-ups. The hard and fast rule is that write plagiarism-free articles which are grammatically correct without syntactical errors. If you borrow any site link to have facts, mention the sources at the end of the content. Or you must use your own language, style and thought delivery system to optimize the articles.

Use Headings, Sub-headings and Call to Action

Make attractive headings, sub-headings, and call to action boldly within the given word counts. The introduction must be short. Then body of the content comes and the whole article will end with an easy conclusion. If you are required, add a few reference links below the content. The title or main heading should have keyword. It will be a long tail with meaningful words. The 3 factor content containing introduction, body of content and conclusion will be a complete piece with headings/titles. However, it depends on the client’s needs. For example, usually, for blog writing, clients want short bullet points. In your web content, generic articles and even product reviews, you can use bullet points on demand.


The general content writing style should be optimized to some extent. For online marketing, your articles must be presentable within an organized framework. For example, you can use hyperlink, keywords, and inbound linkage systems for higher Google ranking. The perfect SEO works bring more leads to your e-commerce portal. The content formatting process should be better to make Google easy for crawling your site.

Submit Content on Top Places online

To accelerate your online viewership, you should submit your content on top places like advanced Google search engine, Bing/ online directory/ social media sites. You can post your own created articles on different third party sites giving your site link. Visitors will get back to re-visit your website to check more content. Besides, your site can be a platform to promote your content which will be a great source of lead generation.

Use High Rank Phrases

For quick SERP rates to upgrade your site, include the high rank phrases. In this connection, opt for the Google analytics following the format Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries. Check this tool to screen phrases to select for your content writing.

There are many professional writers doing their freelancing jobs online. They try to get excellent ROI by writing custom content. To compete, you need more sophisticated data comparing tools, better thoughts, and SEO technology to do the articles writing , formatting and resetting before submission. The short informative content with title, sub heading, conclusion must have the dynamic keywords and inbound links to enhance the increase in the Google ranking. In this regard, here, you will get latest updates and guide how to build up the excellent article to speed up the ROI rates on Google.