Should you use a traditional or cloud based POS system? As you can imagine, both of these have their own pros and cons, so it’s a really good idea to narrow down the pros and cons of each option, then you can see what works for you and what can be improved. With that being said, there will always be challenges that can appear when you don’t have the right POS system. Here are the differences between these two options.

Development process

Traditional POS development has fewer updates and usually you make them manually, once a year. However, cloud based POS development is better and you do have automatic updates. Plus, being able to add in the remote work and access component is very important, and it does make a huge difference. That’s why you have to give it a try for yourself, and you will appreciate the benefits.

Integrated systems

Generally, a traditional system will make it harder to integrate with other solutions. However, if you use cloud based POS from the GBKSOFT & Altamira Team, you can enjoy great integrations with online ordering, inventory management, loyalty programs, accounting and many others. It’s very helpful and it certainly gets the job done more than you might expect. It’s totally worth giving it a try for yourself, and the benefits can be second to none all the time.

Data access

The great thing about cloud based POS is that all the data is in the cloud, and you can access it at any given time. You’re not also in any need to worry about the location either, which is something to keep in mind. Plus, the cloud systems have automatic backups, so there is no data loss. Traditional systems keep data on-site, so if anything happens to them, they will stop working.


It’s important to note that installing a traditional POS system is costly and you also have a high maintenance fee. The cloud-based POS installation is not very complex. There’s a subscription fee attached to this, sure, but you have constant upgrades and overall you will have a much better return on investment and value than you might expect.


In case your business won’t be growing that much and it reached its peak, a traditional system might be ok. The cloud-based POS approach is better for growing companies, and it’s important to understand that. However, it can work just as well for larger companies, since you have all the flexibility and support that you may need.

Internet connectivity

What you will notice about Traditional systems is that they don’t really need the internet. They are not web-based, but cloud-based POS solutions are. However, this also means that through the internet connection you have all the latest updates. It’s a more versatile solution, and it offers great benefits for all users, which is something to keep in mind as much as possible.


The way traditional systems were created usually involves the use of bulky, hard-to-move hardware. Since the cloud-based POS focuses on using the cloud, you can access it from any hardware, which is more versatile. Granted, you might need constant re-charging, but it does help and that alone makes a huge difference in a situation like this.

System features

Generally, cloud-based POS has a better set of features because it has way more updates. Traditional systems tend to have a specific set of features and they stick to it. However, cloud systems always have updates and it’s a lot easier to implement stuff based on user feedback. Which is what makes cloud-based POS a much better option, since it’s versatile, it gets the job done, and the return on investment is better than what you might expect.

Data loss risks

When you choose a POS solution, data loss is definitely something to keep in mind. A traditional system rarely has any backup, and if anything happens on-site, then it becomes an issue. The truth is that you have a much better value and way to keep your data safe with the cloud-based POS, which is something to keep in mind. That’s definitely a thing you need to consider, since cloud-based POS has backups anyway, and it’s not something you can rely solely on a local standpoint.


As you can see, traditional and cloud-based POS solutions are quite different to one another. While they serve the same purpose, each one of them has its upsides and downsides. With that being said, cloud-based POS is the better option because it’s more secure, it offers scalability and you also get to prevent major data loss or anything like that. It’s a great idea to implement the right POS system today, just make sure that you pick the right option according to your needs!