Netgear Extender Setup encourages your WiFi devices like your smartphone, iPad, Smart TV, gaming console with an equal speed everywhere throughout the house. Netgear offers the simplest ever way to do the installation. It also provides a very straightforward way to change the configurations of the device whenever necessary.

Netgear N300 extender is ideal for small-to-mid sized houses. It was launched in 2013 and ever since it’s been one of the most sought-after extenders of Netgear.

Netgear N300 – Features

• It is perfect with your current WiFi network.

• You can use the latest security encryption methods such as WPA2.

• Elevated areas and basements can also be made WiFi accessible.

• You can use your WiFi repeater as an access point, as well.

• It gives you add-on benefits to use parental control and guest user limit which secures your data.

• The setup process is easy and quick with the Netgear Genie Page. You can take help o specialist technicians at to guide you with technical terms and options such as SSID and passwords.

3 Main Reasons Why You Need N300

1. Expands Existing Signal Strength

All things considered, the most essential benefit of using a mywifiext net setup is that it helps you in enhancing the signal strength to far corner of the house securely and safely. A router alone isn’t sufficient to do this. Here, you may require a range extender to link up with your current router.

2. Enhances Internet Speed

Internet speed gets strengthened because it directs WiFi signals to particular devices without getting any interference. The network signals reach those rooms where earlier the network was either unavailable or weak. So, it makes web tasks easier and faster. Besides, you can use higher frequencies like 5GHz over lower frequencies to enjoy faster data speeds.

3. Bypasses Obstacles

Another favorable point of installing a WiFi range extender is that it will enable you to curtail the effect of interfering devices cordless phones and microwave ovens that meddle with your web range. It is, especially, frequencies like 5GHz that have the capability of doing that. Besides, you can also avoid walls, cabinets, metal machines, electronic appliances away to keep them working in a good shape. Some models are very good in encompassing these interfering devices and objects as well.

How To Perform Netgear WiFi Extender N300 Setup On Your Own

• Turn on Netgear N300 and wait until it shows the Power LED green

• Open your web browser on your PC

• Enter in the URL bar and press Enter

• On the next page (i.e. NETGEAR Genie page), click New Extender Setup

• Create an account using your default credentials (Note: the default account details are provided on your N300 box)

• Click Next

• Select the router that you would like to connect the N300 with

• Click Next

• Enter your wireless network password. You can also change the SSID (the network name of your extender) here

• Click Next > Continue

The best thing about Netgear repeaters is that they are made to work with any router and modem of any brand. However, there’s one condition to take care about is that both the devices must be updated and support same level of features your Netgear repeater is using. Wireless extenders are good for those houses that have various rooms and outside areas like garage and courtyard. For your router to perform at its peak, you need to keep it somewhere in the middle of the area where you router is and the area which is facing issues with internet signals.