Netgear extender not working even after connected to your router? Don’t worry! This post is to help you get through this issue in just no time. This troubleshooting guide covers all major issues that can hinder the functionality of a Netgear extender.
• Netgear extender does not start
• Extender doesn’t show any WiFi signals
• WiFi extender shows signal but no internet
• WiFi extender connected but no internet
Technical issues can occur to your WiFi extender at any time. You can get rid of any issue just by consulting an online troubleshooting agency.

Here are the tips to fix the Netgear extender not working issue manually.

Keep the interfering appliances away

You can avoid weak signals by positioning your extender in a place where there are no frequency-producing appliances such as baby monitors, microwave ovens, or Bluetooth speakers. Besides, make sure the extender is installed near the router so that it catches strong internet signals.

Use the different channel number

A wireless extender can get slow if there are too many WiFi devices running on the same channel number. You can increase the speed of your WiFi by changing the channel number in your router’s settings.

Make sure the power is enough

This step seems to be a simple and obvious one but it is mostly overlooked. Perhaps, you’re complicating the matter too much and it’s simply the bad plugging of your wireless extender that’s responsible for the slow internet connection.

Make your username and password strong

Netgear extenders come with default login credentials that you use while setting up the extender. These credentials are common and need to be changed after the installation process is complete. Even if you change the password and username but keep them simple, they can be easily cracked. In that case, others can use your internet connection leading to slow WiFi. To prevent this, change your wireless extender password and SSID (username) strong and difficult to guess.

Reset your WiFi range extender

If none of this works, reset your Netgear WiFi extender to remove the old settings. It will fix all the bugs that appeared during the use. You can reset your device by long pressing the reset button on your WiFi extender for a few seconds. When the light blinks amber, release the button and the device will have its factory settings back.

Cross-check the password

In case WiFi extender is connected but no internet is found, you can try checking whether the extender and router are both on the same network. This is possible only if you’re using the same password as the one in your router’s settings to access the WiFi network. For this, go to and check the password under Security Options.
All these ways can resolve your issue. However, if you still face trouble, you can call professional technicians online to help you get strong internet signals back.