Your wireless device’s security is extremely important. This is the reason why manufacturers offer password security to keep away unauthorized access. However, if you’re not using this security wisely, your WiFi is in danger. Sometimes, when using their Netgear wireless extender, users face issues while setting up the password. Let us help you with all your Netgear WiFi extender password related issues.
The first thing is what are the default password and username (SSID) of your Netgear WiFi extender and how you can find them.
Your Netgear WiFi extender comes with default password and username that help you set up the extender. These credentials are usually printed on the back on your wireless extender and the manual. When you log in to the, you need to provide the credentials on the Netgear Genie page to activate your account.
(Note: the default username is “username” and password is “password”.)
Once you do so and the connection is established between your router and extender, you need to change the password and username. This is because using these common details can make your WiFi network vulnerable for hackers.
You can change the details right during the installation process or can wait for it to complete.

Changing the password during the installation process

When you enter into, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to activate your new account. Once you provide the default credentials and log in to your account, you can change the password on the next screen along with the SSID of your router. (For those who don’t know what SSID means, it is the network name of your wireless device that is visible to others.)
After you change the password and username, you can connect your WiFi extender with the router of your choice and enjoy the WiFi network.

Changing the password after the installation process

In case you choose to change the password when the installation is complete, you can easily do that to log in to your account settings. Do this by following these steps:
• Launch your Internet browser and enter into
• Use the existing username and password to log in to your account
• Go to Settings > Wireless
• Head to the section called General and find the option, WiFi Password
Here, you can change the credentials as you want. Simply make sure you select a password that is strong, containing different both letter cases, symbols, and numerals. You must remember the password but it should be difficult to guess by others.
In case, you find it difficult to access the, you can contact professionals online to help you get to the page within minutes.