House Cleaning Service in San Jose

Whether you want a helping hand a regular cleaning or it’s a special occasion that’s calling for the maid service, you can’t choose just anyone. In fact, hiring a cleaning service is a smart task. You must ensure a few things before landing on your final decision.

So, what exactly to look for while hiring a cleaning service in San Jose? Let’s get to know it all.

Word-of-Mouth Recommendations

Prepare a list of all major house 
cleaning services in San Jose and research each.

Unhappy customers will always post their grudges and grievances. While you can’t trust just everyone, too many negative responses (or relatively more of such feedback) does need serious attention. Review websites are full of local ratings and reviews that are enough to let you know whether the agency you’re interested in is worth your attention or not.

What to expect from these reviews? Well, we’ve discussed that in the following points.

Services Offered

Your list must have narrowed down by now.

For the rest of the providers, visit their official website as well as read their customers’ reviews posted online. Compare the services each provides. It’s very important to first know which of the agencies provides the exact services you need.

Maids’ Reliability and Coverage

These people will enter your house. Are they reliable?

Since you can’t run a background check personally for the maids the agency would offer, you can do something else. And that’s equally smart to do. Ensure that your maids are fully covered for any type of damage, theft, or injury done in your house. Else you’ll be on the hook for any harm done to your living space. So, what you need to confirm is if your maids are insured and bonded.

Be mindful that the service of a covered maid is pricier than the rest. So, that raises the cost. But since it’s important to prevent any future grievance, we suggest choosing insured ones.

Terms of Service

This isn’t a software agreement we will ignore the terms and policies of. (Of course, we all ignore the terms and conditions agreements.)

Yes, but checking cleaning service policies is a different thing. You don’t want to be struck by any surprise fees? So, it’s a must to read their Terms of Service to know what their cancellation and other policies have in store for you.

Cleaning Tools and Equipment

The service providers are very skilled and experienced in the industry. So, it’s not about which tool they’re using for your property. They know it very well. The point here is to be aware of whether they bring every tool along with them or need something on your end. These specifics will help you be prepared in advance to save time and hassle.

Any Hidden Charges?

Money. That’s important!

Usually, people pay attention to the service cost, discount offers, etc. while looking at the money part. They forget about hidden charges. Most often, house cleaning services have hidden charges which they reveal while making the final bills.

Do you want to save yourself from such a surprise? Clarify with the company in advance.


Everything checked. Now, it’s time to decide which agency is best for you. Meet them in person or talk about your requirements in detail on the phone. Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you want. If everything satisfies you, go for it. DO check out more tips on