digital business card

The concept of the digital business card is not new. It’s appeared in the market before a couple of years but has been struggling, since then, to find a place in the minds of conventional businessmen who are still comfortable with the printed forms of business cards. The novelty of digitalization is yet to make impression on entrepreneurs who are still unaware how powerful digital networking and prospecting can be for their venture.

The app market has many digital business card app providers that help you design, prepare, and share your digital business card in no time. These apps are replete with features that can help you establish professional connections, mushroom your network, and earn increasing profits and a reputation worldwide.

This is true that digital business card app like IDENCARD is free to install and use if you’re using it as an individual user for your own card making and sharing. However, as an employer, you can utilize different packages to create a digital identity for all of your employees together on one platform. Let’s discuss how using a digital business card app, you can help your business stand apart from the rest.

The first thing you need to do is create a business account on a reputed digital business card app. The next step takes you to select a package as per your budget and business requirements. Once you’ve successfully paid for the plan and it’s activated, you need to log in to your account.

Create your own digital business card and design it as per your brand’s image. You can create your own custom theme – its design, the color, the font, and everything. The theme you choose will be applied to all of your employees once they have verified themselves as your workers.

Your employees will use their digital card for free. They can only update their profiles but cannot change the theme.

Providing a uniform digital business card establish your brand’s image and the identity of your employees. Such uniformity accentuates your reputation and your professionalism gets highlighted.

The idea of using uniformly-designed business cards is not new. Even when we’re using printed cards, businesses tend to adopt this policy for providing their venture a unique feel. But it’s a bit different in the digital versions. Creating a digital business card saves a lot of your time and money. You don’t need to wait long for your business card to be completely ready. Besides, you won’t be wasting your stock whenever there’s a need to modify your card.

With the digital business card, you can also leverage the popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Your employees can add their profiles’ clickable links to their digital card for providing an insight of their professional self to your prospective clients. This is certainly good for your business because your clients will have a personal connection with the skills and roles of your professionals.

Creating a uniform identity for your employees is beneficial to support the uniformity of your diverse departments and their professionals. Doing this digitally saves you time as well as extend your reach worldwide.


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