Macs are amazingly fast but after a certain point of time, they get piled up with so much of your personal stuff – something you downloaded and stored by yourself and some things you didn’t know that landed on your machine automatically. With this comes a performance decline that annoys and frustrates. Fret not! In this post, we’ve covered some effective tips to speed up mac and improve its life.

All these system tweaks are easy and you can perform them manually. In case you feel shy and want to avoid accidental removals and settings changes, you can take the help of the best mac cleaner software to make all fixes on your behalf.

Let’s take a look at how you can clean up and speed up mac easily at home.

5 Tips to speed up mac

Clear old cache files

Cache is the data that your Mac stores to help you easily access something you’ve once used. This is helpful in making your tasks fast and quick. However, as this data piles up over time, it starts consuming the disk space and slows your Mac down. It’s recommended to keep deleting junk cache data once in a while to speed up mac. Here’s how you can do it manually:

  • Head to Finder window > Go > Go to Folder
  • Enter ~/Library/Caches and hit Enter
  • Go to all folders individually and remove all files
  • Repeat the step by typing /Library/Caches instead of ~/Library/Caches

Recognizing which cache files to be deleted can be demanding task for you whereas Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner software, can do it in minutes.

Get rid of unwanted widgets

The widgets kept in the notification center eat up a lot of system memory. It’s better to remove the ones you don’t use. For those unfamiliar with the term widgets are those apps that run constantly in the background. Here’s how you can remove unwanted widgets:

  • Head to the Menu
  • Open System Preferences > Extensions > Today
  • Uncheck the options of unnecessary widgets

Manage the startup items

When you turn on your mac, some apps launch automatically. These are known as startup apps. These make your mac booting heavy and slow, thereby affecting your Mac performance. You can exclude heavy and unnecessary items from the startup app list to speed up mac dramatically. Here’s how:

  • Go to the Apple icon > System Preferences > User & Groups
  • Click on your username and select Login Items tab
  • Select all those apps that you don’t want to load simultaneously with your Mac startup
  • Hit the “minus button to remove them

You can speed up mac startup in a faster way by taking help of the best mac cleaner software to do it on your behalf.

Use the best mac cleaner software

This one saves you from a lot of manual hassle. The best free mac cleaner software like Mac Optimizer Pro is developed to save your precious time in optimizing your mac performance. The best mac cleaner software is a great tool that helps you get rid of issues that create trouble with your Mac performance and slow it down.

The all-in-one suite, single-handedly, removes system error and hand, fixes unresponsive windows, frees up the hard disk, clears old cache files and internet clutter, manage the startup and login items, and much more to clean up and speed up mac. The best mac cleaner software is designed to extend your Mac’s life and durability by removing all performance-sapping issues on it.

5 effective steps to speed up mac in minutes
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5 effective steps to speed up mac in minutes
Worried about a Mac slowdown? Clean up and speed up Mac by using Mac Optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner software and improve your Mac’s life and functionality.