Benefits of using a digital business card app

Digital business cards have made a tremendous debut in the business world. Till the date, entrepreneurs and other professionals were using the conventional way of communicating their business identities to their prospective clients in the form of physical visiting cards but these are failing to catch up with the modern day digital practices of businesses around the globe.

IDENCARD digital business card app is smartly designed to save businesses from the shackles of age-old paper-based cards and bring the trendiest way to create and share digital business cards with their prospects the world over.

Benefits of a Digital Business Card App

Free to Download

IDENCARD digital business card app is available on the Apple Store and Google Play for free of cost. This is not the case with paper cards that cost you money to get designed and printed.

Easy to Use

Once you download and open the app, you will see an on-screen instruction guide to get started. The app has an intuitive interface that makes it so easy for even a novice to use the app for creating and sharing their personalized visiting cards digitally. It will take only a few minutes to create your account on the app and create your personalized digital visiting card in a matter of minutes.

Sharing your Idencard is also easy. Simply send your desired person your digital business card via your preferred chat or email client. Once the person scans the QR code, you will be added to their connections list. This is certainly the fastest and the smartest way to grow business connections.

Huge Storage and Convenience

You can keep thousands of cards in your connections list on the app. Unlike physical cards that come in stacks, you can easily carry your IDENCARD app to anywhere you go. The cards will always be safe because they are in a digital format. On the other hand, paper-based cards are destined to be affected by weather and time.

While paper cards can be destroyed by time and whether, the digital business card app will keep your personalized cards as stunning as before.

Global Reach

To exchange your tangible cards, you need to travel distances to contact people. This doesn’t happen with digital business cards. You can share your card to anyone, even to a person not having the IDENCARD app on their smartphone.

Modification in Real Time

Something you don’t have on a physical card! In case of a physical card, you have to waste off the existing stock completely whenever there’s a change in your info. Digital card apps make this process so easy and cost-effective. Whenever you make changes to your profile on your IDENCARD digital business card app, your connections list will also be updated with your modified info.

Social Media Profile Links

Again, something not possible with paper visiting cards! The IDENCARD app lets you add clickable links to your social media profiles. This is helpful in providing a better insight into your professional life and attracting their more attention. You can add clickable links to your Facebook, LinkedIn accounts etc. to make your digital business card more personal.

They are Safe for the Environment

To print paper cards, millions of trees are destroyed every year. Digital business cards save you from being a contributor to this cruelty. IDENCARD app is based on “Go Green” movement. Making digital exchanges save all the papers that are cut for this deep and hence, our environment stays secure.

The Bottom Line

Digital business cards are a smart manner to exchange stunning digital business cards with your prospective clients. Designing, printing, and distributing the paper-based business cards demand a lot of time and efforts, IDENCARD digital business card app offers a quick, modern, and secure way to share your business identity with your prospects around the globe and grow your connections and business network within days.

Benefits of using a digital business card app
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Benefits of using a digital business card app
IDENCARD digital business card app helps you easily create and share stunning digital business cards worldwide and multiply your business networks in days.
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