Top 5 Restaurants in Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Falls, the largest city in South Dakota, is a bucket inventory for food lovers from around the world. The city is nothing less than a culinary paradise. The variety of restaurants that Sioux Falls offers is the most fantastic highlight of the city and if you’re the kind of traveler who never leaves a place without tasting every single popular flavor, you’re going to be most excited during your trip to Sioux Falls.

Why waiting, then! Take out your GPS and mark the best restaurants in Sioux Falls we’ve explored to make your dining experience most wonderful.

Best Restaurants in Sioux Falls


Situated in the Midwest of the US, Minervas secures a high reputation since its establishment in 1997. Originally started as a corner creperie in Sioux Falls, the restaurant has extended its reach to many locations all across the region to date. Minervas’ most thrilling treat to its visitors is its remarkable food and elegant service. The eclectic array of dining choices of Minervas includes fresh seafood, steaks, and classically authentic pasta.

Phillips Avenue Diner

Philips Avenue Diner is perhaps the most stylish retro-style diner you’ll find in Sioux Falls. The entire décor is fashioned around the tastes and preferences matching the stylish retro era of Elvis Presley. Not to forget, they have a jukebox, as well.

The most amazing thing about the diner is that they started as an Airstream trailer in 1996 but now, have gained so much reputation as the most amazing vintage diner that food lovers from around the country review it as one of the best restaurants in Sioux Falls. And they all come here impressed with the delicious menu of the diner, not only their setting and interior. Their amazing range of food includes mammoth burgers, sandwiches, and even pancakes or waffles for dinner.

Want to enjoy the best treat? Try their Godfather burger wrapped in smoked mozzarella cheese and combined with add-ons like peppers, marinara and even fried mozzarella sticks.


Foleys is not only one of the best restaurants in Sioux Falls but also the most admired dining destination by international visitors. Their exceptional culinary treats are worth trying out.

You’ll be amazed to taste their filet mignon, asiago trout, a jumbo shrimp cocktail, bone-in ribeye steaks, and fish dishes they have been serving to domestic as well as international guests since their establishment in 2004. No wonder, they have enjoyed a reputation as the “Sioux Falls Local Best” for nine years.

Crawford’s Bar & Grill

Crawford’s is, truly, described as the “wild west meets gypsy”. The reason is their rough, bohemian interior with beautiful Moroccan chandeliers with other antique details. The comfortable décor of the bar and restaurant is packed in antique quartzite and brick.

The place happened to be the first butchers in Sioux Falls in 1896 and that touch is still visible in both interior and exterior. Crawford’s is nowhere behind other best restaurants in Sioux Falls when it comes to its cuisine. The menu they have on offer ranges from prime cut steak to amazing wild-caught salmon dish.


Situated on West 11th Street, Lalibela is a yet-to-be-explored gem in the region. It’s their exceptional Ethiopian delicacies that make Lalibela one of the best restaurants in Sioux Falls. Apart from their impeccable service on offer, their food is the highlight of the place.

Check out what the locals recommend! There is this delicious dish called Tibes which is prepared by marinating beef pieces and cooking them with onions, tomatoes, peppers! And they serve it with homemade ‘injera’, a kind of sour pancake or flatbread. Besides this, they have their famous Sambusa prepared by ground beef with vegetables, lentils, and conventional spices.

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