5 easy and effective tricks to speed up mac
5 easy and effective tricks to speed up mac

Troubled by a slow Mac? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Web search engines are replete with numerous such complaints.

It’s not unusual for a Mac computer to run slowly over years of use. But this expires our patience when it happens most inopportune time. In case, you’re troubled by a slow Mac, you’re at the right place to get a reliable solution. Get rid of that loading beach ball whenever you open an app or play a video.

The simple yet effective tips we have compiled in this post will help you get your fast Mac back.

You can perform these tweaks manually or take help of the best mac cleaner software, Mac Optimizer Pro, to make these fixes on your behalf. The all-in-one suite is designed to clean up and speed up mac in a matter of minutes.

  1. Clear up the hard disk

Nothing slows a Mac down as much as a brimful of hard drive. In case, your Mac contains heavy files like videos, games, movies, etc., you’re more likely to face a Mac slowdown soon.

In order to speed up Mac dramatically, the wise move is to delete unused, heavy files from your Mac or shift them to an external drive or the cloud for accessing them later. Besides, empty the trash bins of your Mac and delete unwanted files from your system’s Downloads Folder.

  1. Perform a malware scan

Generally, Macs don’t become a target of malware attacks as much as their competitor computers Windows do. However, you can never rest assured forever. The Mac malware are equally dangerous and meant to adversely affect your system’s performance. It is recommended to keep malware at bay by performing a malware scan to speed up Mac.

  1. Disable login items

Login items are those programs and services that launch immediately when you turn on your Mac. These are, generally, heavy items. More of these items enabled badly affect your Mac’s booting process as well as its performance. Get rid of unwanted login items to speed up Mac. Here’s how:

  • Head to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Users & Groups
  • Click on your username and select “Login Items” tab
  • Choose heavy and unwanted items
  • Click on the ““ button below
  1. Clean up your desktop

A desktop full of files, folders and app icons takes up a lot of system memory. You can speed up mac by deleting unused items from the desktop or moving them to relevant folders. Provides these folders with relevant names so that it becomes easy for you to recognize which item is in which folder.

  1. Clear cache files

In case you’ve not cleared your cache files for long, there’re piles of them stored in the system. The result is slowly running apps, browsers, and system. To speed up Mac, it’s better to keep cache files deleted from time to time.

  • Go to a Finder window > “Gomenu > “Go to Folder” option
  • Type ~/Library/Caches and press Enter
  • Open each folder and remove everything unwanted

To fix speed issues in a faster and more efficient manner, you can take help of Mac optimizer Pro, the best mac cleaner. The software handles multiple issues like system hang, unresponsive apps, old and junk files, cache files, internet clutter, heavy startup, and a lot more.

5 easy and effective tricks to speed up mac
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5 easy and effective tricks to speed up mac
Mac Optimizer Pro is the best mac cleaner software that helps you clean up and speed up Mac as well as fine-tune its performance, and stability in a matter of minutes.