Why you should get started with a digital business card now
Why you should get started with a digital business card now

Are paper-based business cards fetching you exactly what you want or do you sometimes feel this conventional way of networking is taking you nowhere? Don’t you think you need to catch up with your competitors who are gradually shifting to digital networking for their respective brands? The solution to your problem is simple – digital business card.

Your business card is more powerful than you think it can be. It’s the first impression of your brand’s image. A well-designed and wisely distributed business card is enough to elicit the attention of your prospects to your business. Why not double this power to make your first impression count with the most revolutionary digital handshakes while meeting your prospects for the first time?

Use Digital Business Card!

IDENCARD digital business card app has come up as the trendiest update in the digital card app industry. The app offers users everything they need to create, manage, modify, and share their digital business cards.

The is based on the concept of breaking the lackluster bondage of conventionally printed business cards that prove to bring little productivity – contrary to what entrepreneurs expect. As most of our business aspects are going digital day by day, the need for digital networking rises up. Let’s see how digital business cards surpass this expectation.

Why are paper-based business cards gradually coming to naught? Although these versions have their own class, they fail to catch up with the requirements of the fast-paced digital networking. Adding information on a printed card is limited to the basic details about your brand.

On the contrary, your digital business card, you can include much more than merely adding your name, designation, logo and contact info, etc. IDENCARD digital business card app provides you the opportunity to round up more like clickable links elicit the attention of more prospective clients who want learn more about you.

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Getting your paper-based cards designed and printed takes time and you need to travel to hand it over to a person. This is not the case with the digital versions. Using IDENCARD app, you can easily create and share your virtual card with anyone (even a person not having the app on his smartphone) with a few clicks.

Besides this, the GPS-enabled QR scan technology for adding a connection to your list is amazing. When you receive a digital business card on your device, simply scan its code and the sender will be included to your connections’ list.

One of the best features in the IDENCRAD app which printed cards don’t offer is that you can modify your info in real time, meaning whenever you update your details, they will automatically be updated on your connections’ list as well.

And then, there’s the design element! It’s superb with the IDENCARD app. You don’t need to hire a professional to get your card designed. Simply, choose from a huge array of stunning themes for your virtual card. Choose the one that goes best with your card.

The Bottom Line

As more and more digital trends are taking over in the business world, business cards cannot be left behind. Growing your networks is essential and it will be easy and quick if you have the power of digital sharing in your hands. While with printed cards, most part of potential business suffers, digital business cards have come up to be a good alternative.

Download IDENCARD app now and embark on an exciting journey to multiply your business connections within days.

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Why you should get started with a digital business card now
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Why you should get started with a digital business card now
IDENCARD digital business card app is a smart way to create and share attractive digital business cards with your prospects. Download the app to make networking easy.
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