How to make your digital business card more productive
How to make your digital business card more productive

Still sticking around your paper-based business cards? The times have changed. The modern day has come up with modern, innovative ways of building connections and growing networks in the business world – digital business cards. The novel idea of digital versions of business cards has been in existence for a couple of years but, sadly, it’s still not catching up with the conventional ways of networking.

The reason why digital business cards are still short of the attention they deserve is due to the lack of knowledge. In the absence of the knowledge of how to properly use and distribute them, people shirk from using these versions. Don’t you think this is a sheer wastage of the most productive resource you could use for your business network growth?

Why worrying when you have IDENCARD digital business card app at your disposal. The smart app is designed to break the lackluster shackles of outdated paper business cards and present something totally unique in the form of digital business cards.

In this post, we’ve some excellent, useful things you can use to make the most of your digital business card.

How to make your digital business card more productive

Upload a professional profile headshot

Networking starts with recognition. Your clients cannot appreciate your digital business card if it’s lacking a professional profile picture. Don’t use a funky selfie you clicked on that Friday night party. Instead, use a picture that shows the corporate side of you, in which you look exactly as you do when in a business meeting.

Furthermore, wear a smile while getting your photo clicked. A headshot with a confident smile is enough to make your first impression count.

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Use an attractive and stunning theme

IDENCARD digital business card app provides you an array of attractive themes that best harmonize with your brand image. A good-looking business card with stunning color, font, and design is the first thing your clients will notice in it.

Add your social media profile links

IDENCARD smart digital business card app takes care of everything you need to accentuate your business identity to your existing and prospective clients. Social networks are on the rise and so needs that accompanies them to maximize benefits and growth.

To let your clients have a better insight into your corporate roles and side, add clickable links to your social media profiles to your digital business card. Ensure you use those account links to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles that are properly active and completely professional.

Proudly share your digital business card

The conventional business world may not understand your initiation of going digital while networking but they will appreciate it when done in the right manner. Don’t hesitate while sharing your virtual business card with others. On the contrary, proudly offer your digital business card to your prospects and let them know how trendy and modern the present business world has been and how beneficial it is to go digitally.

Create a stunning and professional Idencard and practice sharing it with others, especially, when sharing an Idencard is super-easy and quick. All you need to do is share your card via WhatsApp, Gmail or any major chat or email client with anyone not even having the app installed. The person will scan your card’s QR code and you will be added to his/her connections’ list.

The bottom line

Digital business cards are a powerful tool to grow your business networks in days. They bundle convenience, productivity, scope, and eager. They are certainly here to stay for a lasting time. By using your IDENCARD digital business card app wisely, you can multiply your connections worldwide.

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How to make your digital business card more productive
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How to make your digital business card more productive
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