Digital business cards are a straight breakaway from the age-old bondage of conventional business cards in the paper or plastic form. No doubt, the objective of both digital and paper cards is similar but there are many peculiarities in the digital versions that you don’t find in the conventional physical cards. Hence, comes the need to avoid various pitfalls associated with creating and sharing of digital business cards.

IDENCARD the smart digital business card app offers everything you need to convey your professional identity to your prospects and opportunities. Let’s take a look at the points you must look after to make the most of your digital business card.

Digital Business Cards

What you should do

  1. Add a professional headshot

It’s your business card and it must look like one. It must contain your most professional photo so as to be in line with the professional environment of your digital business card.

Add a headshot wearing your business attire, tied up hair, and of course, a confident smile. Half of your business impression can be made through the well-defined pose and look that your photo will express about you to your prospects.

  1. Give your digital business card a personal touch

Add a personal note to your digital business card. IDENCARD digital business card app lets you add notes and reminders to your e-card through which you can briefly express your sentiments. For instance, you can add something like, “It was a pleasure getting to know about you at the conference. Looking forward to working with you in the future.”

Adding a personal note gives more value and credibility to your digital business card. It also shows your interest in the connection which raises the chance of the person contacting you in the future.

  1. Include your social profile links

Social media is on the rise; so, do use it wisely. IDENCARD app offers provision to add social profile links to your e-card. Make sure the profiles you add are active and contains your business side, not your personal life.

What you should not do

  1. Don’t forget to update your information

Information like phone numbers, email IDs etc. are more likely to change over time. Whenever that happens, you first step, usually, is to make others aware of it. Make sure you practice this with your digital business card, as well.

IDENCARD digital business card app allows users to modify their information in real time which means your contacts will be notified immediately when you update your details.

  1. Don’t overlook your business logo

Your business logo is the visual presentation of what your business is all about. Studies show that a professional, well-designed logo accentuates the effectiveness of digital business cards to 4x times. Don’t forget to add yours with an optimized size and resolution.

  1. Don’t feel shy about sharing your digital business card

It’s difficult to be odd but as the saying goes “You have to be odd to be number one.” If you feel shy about sharing your digital business card with the conventional-minded professionals having stacks paper-based versions in their hands, you can never allow others to know about the benefits digital business cards offer. Once you’ve perfectly created your e-card with IDENCARD digital business card app, practice sharing it first with close connections and then with your prospects worldwide.

The bottom line

Using the power of digital business cards wisely, you can ensure an unparalleled position in your business field. And given the fact that these digital versions are still to find places in the professionals’ networking inventory, you can take charge to be the trendsetter by reaching out to your prospects and multiplying your network through digital business cards.

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Digital Business Cards: Dos and Don’ts
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Digital Business Cards: Dos and Don’ts
IDENCARD digital business card app lets you create and share stunning and customizable digital business cards. Learn what to do and what not to do with yours.
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