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How to speed up a slow Mac

Is Mac running too slow? Here’re some quick tips on how you can boost your Mac’s performance in no time. Using the best mac cleaner is also recommended to ensure seamless hassle-free computing. let’s see what you can do to bring your Mac back to its former glory.

If your Mac has been with you for a long time, you must be experiencing ways to boost its speed and performance that’s has degraded with the passage of time. With piles of files, folders, and apps on your old system, it starts taking up a time to perform actions. But it’s not an easy task for someone with a busy schedule to sort the performance-sapping issues one by one to remove them. Don’t worry there’s a fast way to make this happen!

Use the Best Mac Cleaner

Mac Optimizer Pro is designed to fine-tune your Mac and remove each and everything that’s slowing your Mac down. This best mac cleaner can perform a multitude of actions to keep your Mac in good shape. Some of the tweaks that it performs are file shredding, optimizing the system for better performance, fixing system hang and app freeze issues, cleaning cache and junk files, and a lot more.

Let’s have a look at how you can perform some quick tweaks and get rid of performance-sapping issues on your Mac.

  1. Kill the Startup items

A slow startup is the biggest reason why your Mac is so slow these days. When you turn on your Mac, some apps also start launching. These are called startup apps. The longer the list of these apps, the slower your Mac gets in all its actions.

By getting rid of heavy and useless startup items, you can boost your Mac’s booting and overall performance to a great extent. Here’s how:

  • Open System performance > Users & Groups
  • Click on your username
  • Head to the “Login Items” tab
  • Select the items you don’t wish to load with the startup
  • Click on the ““ button

You can also use the best mac cleaner to sort heavy and useless startup items for you. You don’t have to spend your time choosing individual apps, especially, if you don’t know what their functionality is and how important they can be for the startup.

  1. Limit the visuals

Macs offer great visuals that are resource-hungry at the same time. Hence, to squeeze more ounce of performance from your Mac, you can disable these effects. Simply, head to System Preferences > Dock and uncheck the following boxes:

  • Magnification
  • Animate opening applications
  • Automatically hide and show the Dock

Now, go to the “Minimize windows using” section and select “Scale effect”.

You can also use the best mac cleaner to optimize your Mac for an improved performance.

  1. Make your desktop clutter-free

Too many items on the desktop can be one of the main causes of a “why is my mac so slow” issue. Each item kept on the desktop takes up system memory. Therefore, to boost your Mac’s performance, it’s a wise move to delete all unnecessary items from the desktop. If you want to keep some of the items handy, you can move them to relevant folders so as to easily find them in future. By using the best mac cleaner, you can do multiple of maintenance and cleaning tweaks on your Mac in a matter of a few clicks.

  1. Clean up the hard disk

Your hard disk is where all your files and folders get stored. If you’ve got heavy files like movies, videos, music tracks, games, etc. on your Mac, you’re more likely to run into a “your hard disk is full” error soon. To prevent this from happening or revert such a situation, keep cleaning up your hard disk from time to time.

Find and delete the files and folders that are old, heavy and unused. Shift the infrequently-used items to an external HDD or the cloud. Empty the trash bin of your system, iPhoto, iMovie, and Mail app.

Cleaning up the hard disk can be a messy task. You can, instead, use the best mac cleaner to tackle everything that’s affecting your Mac’s performance and boost its speed to its maximum.

How to speed up a slow Mac
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How to speed up a slow Mac
Worried about your slow Mac? Use the best mac cleaner to clean up, fine-tune, and optimize your Mac for an improved performance by fixing all issues single-handedly.
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