4 Ways Website Content Impacts Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

While maintaining a robust presence on social media is important for your business, don’t overlook the importance of content to your website. Depending on the quality of that content, the pages could rank high in search engine results or they could be floundering near the bottom. Since all SEO strategies include quality content, here are some suggestions on how to make sure your website content is helping rather than hindering.

Keep It Relevant

All of your pages should contain content that has a logical connection to your business. When readers visit the site, they want to read content that tells them something about why they should do business with you instead of the competition. For example, an apartment complex could include information about the amenities included with each unit while also having a blog that discusses some of the services and attractions found near the complex. If you are not sure how to come up with ideas for relevant website content, getting help from a Seologist content marketing professional is a great way to keep all your pages on target.

Fresh Content Matters

A staple of offline advertising and marketing is that resources should be updated from time to time. For example, direct mail pieces and sales brochures are usually freshened at least every 18 months. Even billboards are updated every couple of years.

You should apply that same approach to your online presence. There are many SEO strategies for taking key elements in older forms of presentation, mixing them with some new text, and coming up with something that is fresh and still informative.

Format the Content For Easy Scanning

There was a time when posting website content with longer paragraphs and little else worked fine. Those days are gone. As any Seologist content marketing professional can tell you, limiting paragraphs to no more than five sentences is to your advantage. It also helps to include headers that describe what the reader will find in the next paragraph or two. When practical, including some type of numbered or bullet list, will help.

Along with making the website content look more visually organized, it also helps readers to quickly find the information they seek. That makes it more valuable to them and increases the odds they will share the page with others. Proper formatting also motivates the search engines to place the pages higher in relevant search results.

Each Page Must Have a Purpose

Search engines don’t index and rank websites per se; what they really do is index and rank the pages of a website. Depending on how well constructed the page happens to be and if it fulfills the stated purpose, you can bet it will rank higher. If some of your pages do well and others attract little attention, get an objective opinion about whether the page content is serving a purpose. It may be time to change something or get rid of the page altogether.

SEO strategies continue to evolve as the major search engines refine how they rate and place pages. As a business owner, it’s up to you to stay on top of the current trends and make sure your site remains valuable to prospective clients. Seek help from a Seologist content marketing specialist today. Once your present website is evaluated, it will be possible to create a strategy designed to retain all the best elements and make the pages better than ever.

4 Ways Website Content Impacts Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy
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4 Ways Website Content Impacts Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy
Depending on your content quality, the pages could rank high or flounder near the bottom. Read on which qualities your website content must have.
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