why my mac is so slow
why my mac is so slow

Just as other computers like Windows or Linux slow down with the passage of time, so does your Mac. There could be any reason for your thought as to why is my mac so slow these days. Don’t worry! Only some simple tricks and tweaks, and you’ll be able to speed up slow Mac once again.

Let’s have a look at the reasons inspiring you to think why is my mac so slow and what could be done to speed it up.

Reason 1: Your hard drive is filled to the brim

The first reason why is my mac so slow has been your frequent query of late is because your hard drive no longer has enough capacity. To check whether you’ve still got some space in your Mac’s hard drive, head to the Apple menu > About This Mac > More Info > the Storage tab. Here, you’ll see your hard drive overview and capacity.

In case of a full hard drive, you might be thinking of adding an SSD. However, that will not work in a MacBook’s case because these have less capacity than traditional hard drives. Generally, hard drive gets full due to heavy files like movies, music tracks, and games. If that’s the case with your Mac too, you can go for the following solution. You can also use one of the best free mac cleaner to speed up mac for you while you relax.


First off, locate which files are large and occupying more space on your Mac. Delete the unused ones from them or move them to an external drive.

Next, empty your Mac’s trash can along with iPhoto, iMovie, or Mail’s trash box to get rid of why is my Mac running so slow problem.

Finally, delete all the trash files from your web browser, apps, and system. To do it fast and more efficiently, you can use a smart Mac cleaning tool. To do all these tasks for you.

Reason 2: You’re out of RAM

While you might think you have enough RAM for your usage and you’re not running so much stuff as to slow down your Mac, you’re still likely to run into the problem of frequent program hangs and Mac lagging.

Be mindful if your Mac has a low RAM like 4GB or 8GB, you’ll surely experience your iMac running slow. To check how much RAM you own system own, open the Activity Monitor app and head to the System Memory tab. Now, take a look at the pie chart located at the bottom. If it is red or orange in the most parts, it means you don’t have enough RAM left and you’re sure to wonder why is my mac so slow.


  1. Go to Terminal: ~/Applications/Utilities
  2. Type this command: Purge and press Enter
  3. Wait until your Mac completes the process

Now, visit Activity Monitor to compare the before and after results. The pie chart has now been modified with more space. You can also use one of the best free mac cleaner to speed up mac for you while you relax.

Reason 3: Too many unwanted login items

If in this case your frequent query is why is my Mac so slow all of a sudden, chances are you have too many login items on your system. Login items are those apps and services that launch every time your MacBook boots. Over time as these items get piling up, your system will take ages to boot.


To get rid of your why is my Mac running so slow issue, kill the login items that you don’t need. Here’s how:

  1. Head to System Preferences > Users & Groups
  2. Go to the Login Items tab. Here’s you’ll see a list of all the items
  3. Sort the ones that are unnecessary and click – button at the bottom to kill them

Reason 3: Your Mac desktop has too many items

All the files that you keep your desktop need memory. Too many items on the desktop means a Macbook running slow. On the other hand, a relatively clearer desktop ensures a boost in your system’s performance.

Solution to why is my mac so slow:

Cleaning up your desktop is not a difficult job. Simply, remove all the files and folders from your desktop that your don’t think are important for you. Besides, you can also classify important files and move them to specific folders. Give these folders relevant names to easily find your desired files. You can also use one of the best free mac cleaner to speed up mac for you while you relax.

The bottom line for why is my mac so slow

With these easy and quick tweaks, your Mac problem like why is my mac so slow will be a matter of the past and you can speed up mac easily. Even a novice can make use of these tricks to speed up slow Mac. You can also use the best free mac cleaner to do it all automatically.

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