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5 Best Chat Clients for Windows to Supercharge your Communication

Instant Messaging has seen a drastic change over time, right from the time when ICQ came into being with its simple and basic interface to the present age when super-advanced IM giants like WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger are competing with each other to be at the top. Whether your work involves a lot of communication with colleagues and clients or you love discussing your routines with your loved ones through personal chat, you deserve an efficient tool to experience a seamless online communication. That’s why we’re here with our list of best chat clients for Windows PCs to help you easily choose what you need to get in touch with others.

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5 Best Chat Clients for Windows

  1. Skype

Microsoft Skype enjoys a huge share of popularity in the instant messaging app market. Not only Windows, Skype works on almost every OS, Android, Apple, Linux etc. and its interface is clean and clutter-free, making it easy for users to use this software for online communication.

It offers almost everything users want from a chat client on their PC. You can text chat, send emoticons and images, voice and video call and message, send files and zipped folders, and even call to standard phones by having your own Skype number.

Where Skype wins favors over other IM apps is that it lets you place calls to both domestic as well as international users, and even those over a landline. In the latter case, you’ll have to buy a phone number from the company which is comparatively less than a standard phone company’s rates.

Moreover, the platform offers some amazing sought-after features like voice and video call quality. It’s amazing! Obviously, you’re the internet connection of both parties (…or all parties in a group calling case) matters but in general, you’ll feel it like bread and butter. This is what makes this tool best Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and one of the most popular chat clients for Windows and other OSes.

  1. Viber

Viber is an economical alternative to Skype. You can send text messages, place VoIP and video calls to other Viber users using only your Internet data. You can add some fun to your messaging by sending emoticons, stickers, and videos. Besides, it offers Viber Out to help you place an international call on landlines and mobiles at a low rate.

One of Viber’s best features is that it syncs between your computer and device in real time. It means you can transfer a Viber call from your computer to your tablet or phone, that too, without a fuss. Another feature that qualifies it to appear in our list of best chat clients is that you can search and share music, events, videos and more without leaving your chats.

From the security point of view, Viber is a good option. Your chats are fully-protected with end-to-end encryption, meaning not even Viber can read what you exchange with your contacts.

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  1. Line

Line is pretty similar to Viber but with added features. Apart from the regular chatting and calling features, it also lets you create high-quality videos to add fun to your online communication with your contacts. And because the audio and video quality is good, more users are switching over to the service for their instant messaging tasks.

What makes Line appear in our list of best chat clients for Windows is its unique features. Line has its personal store to offer free as well as premium themes, stickers, games, and even call credits to place calls.

If you’re the kind of a fan who regularly checks their favorite celeb’s news and status, you’ll like Line over other similar apps. Line offers a timeline for users to stay in touch with their favorite celebrity and brand. All you need to do is just follow their page. You won’t be followed back but you’ll get the latest news about them on regular basis.

  1. Google Hangout

Google Hangout is inarguably one of the most popular chat clients for Windows PCs. It allows you to do almost everything Skype lets you do. Although your Google contacts are automatically synced, you can search for your desired contact using their email ID or phone number to start communicating with them over text chat, voice, and video calls.

The point where Hangout gets the bonus over Skype is that it doesn’t charge Canadians and Us citizens to place a call to someone using landline or phone. For other countries, however, the calling rates vary. Besides, you can make high-quality group video calls to up to 10 friends for free.

  1. Slack

Slack is a chat client for teams. No app in this category offers as much as Slack. It makes team communication easier and better. The two tiers of its premium plans having the cost of $8 and $15 respectively are higher than other team messaging apps but they are also better. You can make group voice and video calls, enjoy a high level of security, file storage for 10GB and 20Gb respectively for the individual member, and many more such features.

You can choose its free plan if you want to use the app for text, audio, and video chats. But that will be one-on-one, not group or conferencing. Besides, features like file storage and third-party app integration are also limited in this plan. Hence, if you’re into professional team messaging, one of the paid plans will be a good option for you.

If you’re looking for fast and seamless online messaging and calling, these top chat clients for Windows are must-to-consider names. These all have been able to attract a huge user base over a short period of time. Each has its own advantage for specific users. Choose the one that suits your personal requirement.

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5 Best Chat Clients for Windows to Supercharge your Communication
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5 Best Chat Clients for Windows to Supercharge your Communication
Check out our list of best chat clients for Windows PCs to help you easily choose a tool that lets you have a seamless experience in your online chatting.
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