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Digital Business Card: Top 6 Things You Must Include

A digital business card is the best way to multiply your network connections. Not only have the virtual cards complemented their paper-based counterparts to strengthen the functionalities of business cards but also surpassed them altogether, thanks to their multifaceted features to perform comprehensively. To catch up with the latest trend of our fast-growing professional world, it’s essential that you, too, enthuse over learning how to create a digital business card and what must be included to leave a good impact.

What’s great with a digital business card is that it can contain more information than its tangible versions. While a paper-based card has a limited space to accumulate your data, a digital one provides a better option in terms of space.

So what’s it that your digital business card must incorporate so as to attract your networking leads to you. Let’s check out.

A Professional profile picture is must for a digital business card

Studies show that profile pictures play an important role in making a profile look more genuine and reliable. Hence, that’s what you must include on your digital business card too. Only be aware not to put a casual selfie you took while on a vacation last week. Instead, add an image that shows you in a similar way you look while meeting with your clients.

An Attractive Theme

A theme is the design of your card. Generally, a digital business card app for iPhone and Android will offer you many options to customize your card’s theme, color, and other such elements related to design. Choose the one that best harmonizes with your brand’s image.

Your Name and Work Designation

This goes without saying – add your full name on your virtual card just as you’ve been doing with your physical cards. Along with the name, include your exact work designation so as to help others identify you. Your job designation describes a lot at once like your official roles, your skills, your authorities, and responsibilities. This is, especially, necessary to get connected to the relevant people in business as well as widen your corporate communication.

Your Business Logo

Your business’ logo is the visual centerpiece of your brand and it’s the chief element every business must own to stand apart from the crowd. It makes your brand worth noticeable and remembered for long. Make sure the logo you upload is in clear graphics and appropriate size.

Contact Information

Your contact information is something you cannot do without. The business connections you get in touch with can contact you only when they know the way to do so. For that, you need to include all the important info like your mobile number, landline number, email id, and the physical address of your business location.

Social Profile Links

With social media platforms at the core of all our online activities, why digital business cards fall short? Adding clickable links to all your social network profiles helps your business prospects gain more insight into your corporate identity and specializations and you’re more likely to get contacted by them for further interaction.

Take care of these things while including clickable links to your digital business card. Always manage and keep updated your social media profiles to which your digital card is linked. Make these social media profiles (be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or anything) are the one containing your professional life and activities.

All Relevant Business Details

A digital business card app for iPhone and Android provides you enough space to showcase yourself more through a brief description. This description must include this essential information: your venture and all its undertakings, the official website of your brand, your business location’s address, etc. A well-written description not only helps your connections and prospects learn more about you but also makes your profile more reliable and trustworthy.

The Bottom Line

All of these details are essential to put on your digital business card if you want your virtual card to leave a lasting impact on your business prospects. Make sure your card holds all relevant info and is in line with your brand’s image. This will render it reliable and authentic.

How to Create a Digital Business Card

Digital cards have been in vogue over a couple of years. You can use an efficient digital business card app for iPhone and Android to create and share your digital profile with your business leads. Download the app, add everything discussed in this article to your card, and send it to others without any hassle. A digital business card is, certainly, the easiest and the most stylish way to grow your business network.

Digital Business Card: Top 6 Things You Must Include
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Digital Business Card: Top 6 Things You Must Include
A digital business card is, certainly, the easiest and the most stylish way to grow your business. Use a digital business card app for Android and iPhone today.
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