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Why You Need a Digital Business Card

You might be surprised but 90 percent of the networking you do for your business is nothing more than just a plain waste of time, energy and money? Well, that’s the average percentage of paper business cards that get dumped in just a week. Just 7 days.

Unlike a digital business card, the entire labor you put into networking at summits and in making new contacts for the betterment of your business on a daily basis is actually giving you not enough returns. This is not even to mention the money and time that is spent on designing physical business cards and the printing cost.

Do we have any rescue? Is there a reliable solution to ensure our networking efforts are valued? There is.

Digital business card

Digital business cards have gradually been gaining momentum in the networking circle over the last couple of years. A wide range of digital business card app provides different types of services, from initial incarnation which developed a photo gallery of business cards to various recent variants that include location services, social media support, matching, fast and easy sharing, and more.

Why are Paper Cards Holding You Back?

Irrespective of the drastic advancement in technology, corporate cards are merely a monster to take heads on. Being in use ever since the early 17th century, custom business cards are generally so much ingrained in our perception of what businesses look like that it is extensively trivial and scary to imagine a world with no cards. Card printing, card customization, and card designing are all massive industries in themselves.

Paper cards are a classical example of a scenario where the “but we’ve always done things that way” ideology fails.

Not only these cards serve as an imperative means to share your contact details, but they encircle a traditional convention of social etiquettes in a business environment.

“But I simply love my cards and it gives me immense pleasure to share them with others during a business event!” We hear people saying. Alright, we accept your attachment to your cards; however, it doesn’t mean they are helping your business and networking in any manner, whatsoever.

With the passage of time, the way we do networking and connect with people is transforming rapidly. It’s, by no means, possible that how we use our business cards will still stay the same.

One major issue with conventional cards is that they majorly fail to serve the most important purpose they are designed for.

As we’ve told, more than 90 percent of traditional business cards are dumped within the first week. It does not matter how much time, effort and money you’ve spent in getting the logos, artwork and the card design work done.

One of the major reasons people give is that they were not in need of the services being offered.

That makes sense. It is not that you provided a bad pitch or the people didn’t link you in the first place that they threw your card away. It has more to do with timing.

How Do Digital Business Cards Bypass this Havoc?

Since digital business cards do not take up much space – they don’t need to be filed away or processes.

When somebody sees your card and thinks that they do not need those services, what they actually mean is that they do not need those services at that point in time.

With digital business cards, they’re more probable to not delete your card right away forever and may get back to you in case they require your services sometime later.

And the prospects on the fence? Digital business card assists you in those circumstances as well.

Even of the 10 percent of cards that are not dumped after a week or so, you are not likely to hear back from most of them. Such prospects who’re no the ‘centerline’ about reaching out to you are more probable to get in touch with you in case you use a digital business card app.

This is down to the fact that digital business cards are linked to your profiles on social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Social media networks are generally regarded as lower commitment form of networking outreach than phone calls or email, and therefore your odds of conversion are considerably on the higher side.

Digital Business Cards Make Business Networking More Productive

A digital business card app is a significant evolution of this necessary part of business proceedings.

The blunders people tend to commit while thinking about the best digital business card app for Android is that they mainly assume that the objective is to completely replace paper business cards.

However, in actual, a digital business card is only a handy tool to complement their physical counterparts.

Contact Management Boosts Efficiency of Digital Business Card

One of the biggest difficulties with traditional cards is contact management. The bulk of business card folders with hundreds of cards make contact management a pain-in-the-neck. However, with a digital business card, managing your connections, optimizing and updating them, grouping, searching and filtering, very fast and straightforward.

Digital Business Cards Are Here To Stay

For millennials, in particular, it’s debatable that the idea of paper business cards simply does not hold virtue when almost every facet of their life is deeply synced with social media. It looks more like uncertain that the conventional cards will stay competitive for long.

For professionals employed in creative industries, the advantages of having a digital business card app for Android is truly twofold. Not just you can relish all extravagant features these digital business cards have on offer, you can also connect them to your digital portfolios online, thence extending your outreach to more and more prospects without doing much on a regular basis.

The Bottom Line

Digital business cards are the future. As we get more and more aligned with social media and apps, any digital business card app for Android is due for more exposure. They are already reinforcing the vitality of traditional cards and gradually they are on course to emerge as a serious contender for them. You must try them out for sure and see for yourself.

Why You Need Digital Business Card
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Why You Need Digital Business Card
Digital business card is gradually gaining momentum in the networking circle to boost your business networking.
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