Top 5 Business Productivity Apps to Use in 2018
Top 5 Business Productivity Apps to Use in 2018

Running and managing a business is a challenging thing; even a small business owner can attest to that. And while business giants have huge setups and a large team to manage the overall working of the setup, small business owners rely mainly on productivity apps and tools for getting things done on time. Let us be a helping hand, then. Scroll through the post to learn which 5 best business productivity apps you must collaborate with from today to get things under control.

Top 5 Business Productivity Apps

  1. Todoist

Todoist is like a personal secretary who remembers it all for you. It’s designed to organize the cluttered routines of busy people, e.g. business owners who need to get everything under control for more organized tasks and increased productivity. Simply add your upcoming tasks for the day and even month to the app and rest assured. Let Todoist remind you of things at the right time so that you never lose anything important.

What’s best is that Todoist works offline; so, you don’t have to be on the Internet to use this app. While its free tier offers many useful services, you can harvest more features with the premium app, such as the ability to upload files and add notes, location-based reminders, and a Todoist-exclusive productivity chart.

  1. CasualPM

CasualPM is one of the essential business productivity apps all entrepreneurs must have on their checklist. It’s an online project management tool to let you plan, organize, and execute your projects within a team framework. The main aim of the app is to help business owners transforms their ideas into visual maps.

Why CasualPM is a must-have for enterprisers is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. While other project management apps are quite complicated to get along with, CasualPM makes it easy to track your project status and its active managers.

  1. Feedcamp

This web-based project management software is an ideal tool for business owners who’re into more project creation tasks and want to be in control of everything in their business. This service is designed to help users collaborate their projects via the cloud. It bundles extensive features such as discussion boards, time tracking, Google Calendar to schedule events, the ability to assign tasks to team members, to name a few.

The highlight of the tool is that it’s free to use. You can add as many projects as you desire. That said, commercial users can upgrade their free 200MB for a fair price.


This is the app you’d always want at your fingertips. IDENCARD is a smart digital business card app for iPhone and Android designed, specifically, for business owners. As an entrepreneur, you must be aware of how essential it is to multiply your business connections for the expansion of your brand. That’s exactly what IDENCARD offers.

Using the app, you can easily create, manage and share your digital business cards to grow your business network in no time.

Basically, the idea behind IDENCARD is to save the time and money a physical business card squeezes out of you. Unlike paper-based cards where you have to muddle through the tedious task of carrying and managing piles of cards, creating and sharing your business identity with IDENCARD is easier and more imaginative. All you need to do is simply scan the QR code of the IDENCARD you receive and add it to your connections list.

Besides, IDENCARD is a feature-rich app. It works across various devices and platforms equally efficiently. You can access it via your web browsers as well to log in to your account. One of the best things that stand it apart from similar apps on the market is that the recipient doesn’t require having IDENCARD app on his/her device to receive a contact.

Then, there are real-time notifications to update you right when your contact’s info gets modified, which makes this digital business cards app even more productive as you don’t have to take pains for keeping abreast of the current info by yourself.

  1. Trello

It’s arguably one of the best business productivity apps to prioritize your tasks, for which you won’t have to get into a manual labor as Trello will do that for you. It contains task cards with a complete list of tasks to help you track your project status. These lists can easily be modified by whoever has the authority. The changes made to the project are visible to all associated members in real time, no matter which device you’re using. Besides, you can invite as many contacts as you want for free.

As for the plan price, Trello comes with a free and a premium plan, with the latter sub-divided into three categories: Gold, Business, and Enterprise. Surprisingly, the free plan is pretty feature-rich without too many restrictions on the users.

As an entrepreneur, you always have your plates filled to the brim, without having much time to spend on managing small things. Use these 5 top business productivity apps and rid yourself of the pain of losing track of important things that can otherwise slip through your occupied mind.

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Top 5 Business Productivity Apps to Use in 2018
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Top 5 Business Productivity Apps to Use in 2018
Here are 5 best business productivity apps that you must collaborate with from today to get things under control and run your business more efficiently.
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