10 features of Antivirus software
10 features of Antivirus software to always put on your checklist

With an escalating number of hackers and cyber-stalkers every next day, the need for an efficient antivirus protection keeps on mounting up. Whether it’s your first time of choosing an antivirus for your system security or you’ve tried your luck on many programs before and still not satisfied, this guide is for you. Dive into the post to learn top 10 features of antivirus software that you must check out while choosing the best program for you.

Most antivirus software come in free and premium versions. While the “Free” version suits your pocket and contains all basic tools you need to secure your computer from invaders and malicious threats, the “Premium” version is more inclusive and offers a wide array of add-ons that you can’t do without if you want a complete protection and privacy.

10 features of Antivirus software

  1. Comprehensive protection against threats

From the well-known computer virus to the less-heard-about Trojans, spyware, adware, worms, botnet, rootkits, and more, there is a variety of malicious codes and elements designed regularly to invade your digital, financial and personal life. Therefore, choose a program which provides your computer with a comprehensive security against all kinds of cyber-threats. A program which can remove not only basic virus threats but also the complicated and rare ones should be your top pick.

  1. Add-on features

An efficient antivirus program is not restricted to threat detection alone. It must serve your system with manifold optimization like file shredding, file encryption, password managing, firewall protection, vulnerability scanning, and other PC maintenance features to provide your data and computer with a complete security. If an antivirus app contains most (if not all) of these features, then it’s certainly worth your attention.

  1. Powerful firewall protection

10 features of Antivirus software-Powerful firewall protectionFirewall security is vital! It blocks all incoming threats that can potentially harm your system. Instead of spending on a firewall separately, it’s better to choose an antivirus security which includes a powerful firewall protection. Simply configure the program as per your requirement to prevent unauthorized access from making its way to your computer. Firewall protection is one of the necessary features of antivirus software you shouldn’t ignore.

  1. Automatic updates

New malicious codes are being developed rapidly, and so are the refreshing and smarter techniques to tackle them. That’s where antivirus manufacturers bring updates in. But these updates must be automatic and frequent. There’s not much use of an antivirus program that you have update manually. Chances are you may miss important updates and expose your system to vulnerabilities.

  1. Identity protection

Owing to the ever-increasing digital life, identity theft has picked up speed. For those no-familiar with the term, identity theft is the stealing of your financial and confidential information like bank account details, credits card details, passwords, and more. With a good antivirus program installed on your system, you won’t have to worry about any information leak. Opt for an antivirus if it checks for hijacking and invading activities while you’re providing your confidential information online.

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  1. Backup of data

10 features of Antivirus software-Backup of dataIt’s mandatory…backing up of data is always your last resort if anything goes wrong. At least once but every user does face a situation when his/her data goes lost. That’s where you need a restore. An efficient antivirus understands this and creates a backup of your important data for the time when you may need it the most.

  1. Email protection

A great deal of virus infections makes way to your system through fraud and spam emails. Especially, if you click the link it contains, you’re doomed as it contains malicious codes to damage your software and system and steal your confidential information. However, if you have an efficient antivirus installed, it will save you from falling a prey to these phishing schemes.

  1. Effective parental controls

For those with kids, an antivirus program having parental controls is a must-have. Some popular antivirus apps are efficient enough in blocking and restricting objectionable web content and monitoring your kids’ online activities.

  1. Social media protection

10 features of Antivirus software-Social media protectionSocial media is on the rise and users are just getting more and more dependent on these platforms. In fact, almost anything that happens with us daily gets uploaded to our profiles. This is mania and cyber-terrorists know this. The result is more malicious threats are being developed to your passwords, personal information, and more. Thankfully, a reliable rescue is also emerging in form of modern antivirus software. Always choose a program which alerts you just when it senses any kind of suspicious activity on your Facebook or Twitter account.

  1. Safe browsing technology

Since malicious elements mainly get an entry into your computer while you’re browsing online, it’s mandatory that your antivirus must have the ability to keep a check on that. It will notify you when you’re about to click an infected webpage or link. A good antivirus protects not only you but anyone who uses your computer by filtering out malicious codes from your Google search results.

Although the modern system security apps are pretty inclusive in nature, chances are you may not find all of these features of antivirus software in a single program. However, the program which offers more is certainly an efficient and reliable one.

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10 features of Antivirus software to always put on your checklist
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10 features of Antivirus software to always put on your checklist
Antivirus protection is vital! Dive into the post to learn top 10 features of antivirus software you must check out while choosing the best program for you.
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