Digital business cards
Digital business cards: good to go with your physical cards

Whether you’re switching a job or running a business, you must have surely been to at least one business networking summit or event of late. And just like any experienced attendee, you must have ended up with a stack of paper business cards and a handful of new contacts.

However, in the modern-day business world that’s going towards digitalization day after day, are physical printed cards still worth it? Will several ultra-tech alternatives, such as nameplate website, mobile apps or digital business cards, complement or replace their physical counterparts?

Here’s a look at some of the major pros and cons of paper- or plastic-based physical cards and digital business cards.

Paper Business Cards

Merit: Physical business cards provide you a great opportunity to connect and communicate your business and brand with people and prospects with whom you would love to reconnect later – and everything starts with a great first impression. In today’s world of visual, multimedia content, these cards work really well to foster a sublime visual reminder of who you are, what you do, and other important information.

Demerit: Have you recently updated your website address, email ID, or phone number? Are you scaling up your services or is your business undergoing a massive full-size rebranding? In such event, any modifications and enhancements made to your content information will make your existing paper business cards outdated and inaccurate – and you’ll require a reprint that means more time and money will be invested.

Merit: A physical business card comes handy at trade shows, summits, professional lunches, and at numerous in-person networking events and gatherings. When someone requests your card, it implies that the person wants a physical reminder of who you are, what you do, and how you met him or her. Jotting a short note on your paper business card will, therefore, help them recall these jotted details when the person follows up with you later.

Demerit: Physical cards come infinite quantity and you can distribute only as many cards as you carry to an event. When you begin to run out of your stock, you need to identify the need well in time and make sure the next stack is printed and shipped to you before you near a next major event.

Digital Business Cards are a great alternative

Merit #1: Smart digital business card app like Idencard for iPhone and Android help you share your digital business cards with other mobile users even if they do not have that app installed. A free digital business card can be shared via Whatsapp, Chat, Email, etc. beyond boundaries. You can create a personalized theme for your free digital business card and effortlessly share them with others.

Merit #2: Virtual cards help you accentuate your online marketing, networking and create opportunities for your business to get found on the web. You can add other Idencard users to your list of connections and create a healthy network of business connections. Simply scan the GPS-enabled QR code of any Idencard e-card you receive to add the corresponding person to your list of connections.

Merit #3: Create notes and reminders: Creating notes and setting up reminders is a day-to-day task for any business professional. Using a physical notepad or a separate app for these vital functions are such a waste of time and are generally hard-to-manage when you need to swap from one to the other quite often.

Merit #4: Leverage social media. Social media and influencer marketing are one of the most imperative business growth aspects today. Links to your social media profiles are generally long enough and can’t be included on physical paper cards. Moreover, even if included, they hardly get a conversion as the links of tangible cards are not clickable. On e-cards, clickable social media links can be included and they provide a great response as people generally tend to visit your profiles by clicking those clickable URLs.

Better Together

Even in a rapid-paced tech world, there is still room for traditional paper cards; however, their use, reach, functionality and USPs are somewhat restricted. And therefore, it’s a fine idea for you to boost your prospecting and business management by complementing your tangible business cards with digital business cards – keeping both of them together will add value, diversity, and comfort to your business. Give e-cards a try today and learn how to create a digital business card with Idencard.

Digital business cards: good to go with your physical cards
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Digital business cards: good to go with your physical cards
Idencard free digital business card complements your paper cards well and the two, put together, can accentuate your business prospecting. Here’s how…
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