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Top 20 Free Proxy Websites 2018

The Internet is full of websites offering a huge variety of data on diverse topics, be it educational, news, movies, technology, entertainment, and so on. At times, while surfing the web we get stuck with an error message saying ‘this website is not available’ or something similar to this. To get rid of such issues, the best way is to rely on Proxy Websites. In this tutorial, we’ve summed up a wealth of free proxy websites 2018 to let you try your hands at. Using these, you can not only hide your IP but also utilize your bandwidth in an efficient manner. Before getting started, let’s get familiar with the topic that what a proxy server is.

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy server plays a role of a middleman between the end user and the server. For tech savvy’s: proxy server lets you bypass the filters as well as firewall restrictions imposed on some websites and which are not granted with the permission of being accessed by the Internet service provider. Besides, it also helps in keeping your data safe from hackers.

Hence, if you want to access any blocked website, then try using proxy websites to unblock the restricted one. Let’s walk through our list of top 20 free proxy websites 2018 that provides you access to blocked websites.

Free Proxy Websites 2018

  1. Hidemyass

The site not only helps you enhance your security but also allows you to access some restricted websites online. The service routes your web traffic through remote servers in an attempt to let you visit websites without showing your identity.

  1. Proxify

Proxify efficiently takes control of your privacy. Along with hiding your IP address, it lets you be anonymous online. With this free proxy website, you can appear from up to 1,230 locations.

  1. Kproxy

This is another best proxy site to protect your identity online. It allows you to bypass any filter, surf privately as well as evade hackers.

  1. BlewPass

Proxy Websites 2018-BlewPassBlewpass is one of the top proxy websites 2018 when comes to bypassing Internet filters and firewalls imposed by work, school or country. You can stay safe and anonymous with the help of this service while surfing the web.

  1. Zendproxy

Change the IP associated with your machine in a matter of minutes and with ease using Zendproxy. It helps you surf the web anonymously.

  1. 4everproxy

Are your favorite social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitch not accessible? Give 4everproxy a run and browse the web anonymously. Head to the page you want to look at with this simple yet effective proxy site.

  1. Unblock My Web

Proxy Websites 2018-Unblock My WebDesigned to let you access all your favorite websites available on the internet, Unblock My Web is one of the best proxy site options. It will get the job done for you whether it’s about unblocking certain websites or checking emails.

  1. offers the most comprehensive list of working proxies in a suitable form. It is the best web surfer’s guide for anonymously surfing the web or for staying secure.

  1. New IP Now

The free proxy website is efficient enough to protect your online privacy. Using New IP Now, you can change your location, surf the web anonymously, secure your browsing history as well as start fresh with the use of a new IP any time.

  1. Ninja Clock

Surf the web like a ninja using Ninja Clock proxy service. It allows you to easily and quickly have free access to blocked websites. Unblock any website you wish to visit with this free proxy website.

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  1. Anonymouse

This is another best free web proxy server, allowing you to protect your privacy as well as data. It is not only fast but is extremely easy to use. Give the site a run and surf the web the way you want.

  1. Anonymizer

Rely on Anonymizer to surf the web privately. The site will never track, view or keep logs of the websites you visit. It always keeps your online activities private, safe and secure.

  1. Free YouProxy Tube

Watch your favorite YouTube videos with this online proxy site. It is really simple and completely free proxy website. It allows you to stay up to date by watching an array of videos added to YouTube every minute.

  1. ProxySite

Surf the web privately and safely with Proxysite’s secure socket layer encryption. The website plays the role of a middleman by connecting itself to the website you want to visit and then sending the connection back to you so that no one can know where you’ve been.

  1. DontFilter

This is another best option on our list of free proxy websites 2018. Access any website your country/ network admin doesn’t want you to look at. It is a great option when comes to secure your identity while surfing the web.

  1. Fast USA Proxy

Want to experience a fast, stable and secure web proxy site? Fast USA Proxy can be the best option. Using this, you can surf the web privately and without the fear that your IP address can ever be exposed.

  1. Rapid Proxy

Feel free to surf the web anonymously with Rapid Proxy. The free proxy website is able to unblock a wide range of websites like Facebook, Bebo, Friendster, MySpace, hi5, etc.

  1. Unblock YouTube Beat School

It is one of the best free proxy websites to unblock YouTube proxy. It is simple yet efficient web proxy service that fulfills almost all kind of needs we expect from a similar site.

  1. FilterBypass

Proxy Websites 2018-FilterBypassIt is a free anonymous web proxy that allows you to bypass internet filters and have the benefit of unrestricted browsing. The online proxy site supports almost all major streaming portals like YouTube and Dailymotion. You can even enjoy the usage of social networks like Facebook or Twitter in a matter of minutes.

  1. Hidester

Enjoy free, fast and easy access to blocked websites with Hidester. The web proxy is browser-based, thus allowing you to go online from any device and from anywhere. In addition, it offers you automatic SSL security for extra protection.

That’s it! Here’s to hope that the aforementioned list of best proxy websites 2018 will help you surf the web the way you want. Happy Exploring!

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Top 20 Free Proxy Websites 2018
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