Skype started out as a simple IM client but now it’s much more than that. Among several VoIP services out there, Skype is perhaps the most-appreciated one used for communication, especially in the corporate world. While this popular VoIP service doesn’t mess up on Windows till the 7 version but it’s started to trouble users working on Windows 8 and 10. Either they can’t open Skype Chat Messenger on their Windows or can’t sign into Skype. If this sounds familiar, rest assured as we’ve brought some failsafe tips to help you around.

Can’t Open Skype on Your Computer? Do This:

Before we proceed towards the fix for this issue, it’s mandatory to know that apps and desktop versions are two different things. The problem is that users depend mainly on the Skype built-in apps on Windows 8 and 10, but these apps are not suitable for your PC and may cause a problem while launching or working with. Therefore, it’s best to download and install the desktop version for your Windows computer. What if your desktop version doesn’t work? Here’s what you should do in that case:

Launch Skype in Safe Mode

Can’t Open Skype on Windows-Here is the Fix-Launch Skype in Safe Mode

  • Bring up Run dialog by using Win + R keys on the keyboard
  • Enter msconfig.exe in the provided field and press Enter
  • Once the System Configuration appears, head to the Boot tab
  • Check the Safe Boot box and turn on the Network option
  • Select Apply and then Ok
  • Restart your computer. Now, when your computer reboots, it will be in Safe Mode with Networking
  • Try launching Skype. In case you still can’t open Skype, use Run dialog again and type %appdata% this time
  • Find and right click on the Skype folder. Click Rename and change its name to Skype_2

This should resolve your Skype launching problem. Now, restart your computer in Normal Mode.

Run an SFC Scan

Can’t Open Skype on Windows-Here is the Fix-Run an SFC ScanSometimes, it’s the corrupt system files that prevent an app from working properly. And because these files are crucial for the app to run properly, they’re getting corrupted or damaged must be checked to resolve any issue with the app. Thankfully, you can do this by using Windows built-in SFC scan utility. To run the scan, do this:

  • Right-click on the Start Menu icon and click Command Prompt (Admin) option
  • When Command Prompt launches, type sfc /scannow in the field and press Enter

This will start the scan and resolve your “can’t open Skype” issue.

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Reinstall Skype

Can’t Open Skype on Windows-Here is the Fix-Reinstall SkypeStart working from the scratch. Completely uninstall Skype from your computer and then reinstall it. Here’s how:

  • Press Win + R to open the Run dialog
  • Enter appwiz.cpl in the field and press Enter
  • Right-click on Skype from the installed programs and apps list and click Uninstall
  • Follow the on-screen commands of the uninstallation wizard to complete the process
  • Once done, restart your system
  • When your computer restarts, head to the Windows Store and install the compatible version of Skype for your Windows version

Once installed, check if your Skype launches now. Most Skype issues can be resolved by this trick; it should also fix the Skype error in Windows computer.

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Can’t Open Skype on Windows? Here’s the Fix
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Can’t Open Skype on Windows? Here’s the Fix
Can’t Open Skype on Windows? Walk through our post to learn some assured ways to fix Skype launching problem on your Windows computer.
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