WhatsApp Group Video Calling Feature
New WhatsApp Group Video Calling Feature Launches to a few Users

A rare WhatsApp update has hit the app stores of Android and iOS that lets a few ‘lucky’ users make WhatsApp group video calling with several contacts at once.

Facebook announced this feature at its annual F8 Developer Conference earlier this month. And now, at the end of the month, some ‘lucky’ users are able to receive it on their smartphones.

The news about the release of WhatsApp group calling feature was first reported by WABetaInfo at its blog where they said that the new feature is “available for a few users.” However, the launch isn’t complete yet. “You need to be very lucky,” they mentioned.
New WhatsApp Group Video Calling Feature-WABetaInfo Tweet 1New WhatsApp Group Video Calling Feature-WABetaInfo Tweet 2As a matter of fact, technologies are always tested first on a limited number of users before rolling out to everyone else. This way they can easily ensure everything works properly. Besides, their system doesn’t get overloaded by a hoard of users using a feature that isn’t in its final form yet. Sadly, it’s not clear when the WhatsApp group video calling feature will be accessible to all users.

For those who want to try their hands on this feature to check whether it’s good enough, you need to enroll yourself in the beta program of WhatsApp. On iPhone, you need WhatsApp beta version 2.18.52 or later to test this feature. On Android, the feature will land only on the app’s beta version 2.18.145 or later. With a successful result, users will be able to access this feature in a few weeks after the developers decide to move it from the beta version to the stable app.

You can check whether you’ve got the update by placing a video call the way you usually do it from WhatsApp. If you saw the option to add participants, you know you’re among the ‘lucky’ ones.

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WhatsApp Group Video Calling-How to Get WhatsApp Beta on an Android Device

Before you sign up for WhatsApp beta test, you must know that such tests are often difficult to handle by everyone because they are, generally, unstable. Being in the testing phase, beta versions are a little buggy. The apps might crash frequently. However, if you have made up your mind for enrolling for WhatsApp beta app to receive its features before other users, here’s how you can sign up:

  • Launch your web browser and open WhatsApp beta test page
  • Sign in to your Gmail account. (If you have multiple accounts, enter the one you use on your Android phone)
  • Click the button “Become a Tester
  • Now, head to your phone and open Google Play Store
  • Search for WhatsApp: the name should be “WhatsApp Messenger (Beta)

For more news on the latest and upcoming WhatsApp features, stay tuned!

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New WhatsApp Group Video Calling Feature Launches to a few Users
A rare WhatsApp update has hit the Android and iOS app stores that lets a few ‘lucky’ users make WhatsApp group video calling with several contacts at once.
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