Benefits of Firewall Protection
6 Benefits of Firewall Protection You might not Know

You must have heard about firewalls but do you know what they are used for? A firewall is a tool you must include in your computer security arsenal. Reasons why they’re so essential? Dive into the post to discover 6 benefits of Firewall security for your computer.

What is a Firewall?

This age of global connectivity has brought us where the line between connection and intrusion has faded. That’s why the security of your data and information has been so essential. When you connect to the internet by any means, you leave your personal and financial information vulnerable to hackers. However, if you have a solid and efficient Firewall program on your computer, it will fight the intruders trying to access your privacy.

Firewall programs are designed to protect the vulnerabilities of your internal network from unauthorized access from the Internet. By masking your computer’s identity from hackers, Firewall protection prevents any invasion to your privacy and security.

Types of Firewalls

Software Firewalls

These are software programs suit more to a basic user and can be both third-party or inbuilt. They protect personal computers connected to the Internet and LAN against malicious attempts of hackers hunting your privacy and security. These can be free as well as premium.


Hardware Firewalls

These Firewalls are generally expensive and are designed majorly for advanced users. The reason is that they are complex to configure. These are mainly found at places where various computers are connected to a single network.

Benefits of Firewall Protection

  1. Prevents Unauthorized Remote Access

Benefits of Firewall Protection-Prevents Unauthorized Remote Access

Firewall is the first name when you want to defend your computer and information against hackers. Without a Firewall protection, hackers can take control of your computer. Not only can they install malware on your system but also steal your personal and financial data. However, a correct firewall configuration, you can get remote access disabled.

  1. Blocks unapproved content and websites

Benefits of Firewall Protection-Blocks unapproved content and websites

This is one of those benefits of Firewall security that a basic user is mostly aware of. Using your firewall, you can block any irrelevant website that you don’t want some specific user/s to visit. This kind of security is mainly needed in corporate domains and homes where there’s an undeniable need for keeping some specific content out of reach from users.

  1. Protects Businesses from Malicious Code

Benefits of Firewall Protection-Protects Businesses from Malicious Code

An efficient Firewall examines all traffic that enters and goes out of your network. In this way, they detect and block viruses, spam, worms and other malicious intrusion attempts from finding a place on your computer. This is helpful for network administrators as they can record and inspect every unwanted attempt and suspicious activity that can violate their business policy.

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  1. Assures the Safety of Online Gaming

Benefits of Firewall Protection-Assures the Safety of Online Gaming

Online gaming poses great security risks because most malware is designed to target the gamers playing on unsecured servers. In this case, a firewall security remains the best option to shield your privacy from all potential attempts.

  1. Meters Network Bandwidth

Benefits of Firewall Protection-Meters Network Bandwidth

Benefits of Firewall protection doesn’t restrict to only security. You can configure your firewall program to limit the network bandwidth allowed for non-essential videos, images, and music, hence keeping the bandwidth for important traffic.

  1. Provides VPN Services

Benefits of Firewall Protection-Provides VPN Services

The VPN functionality helps in collaboration and data sharing by providing a secure network access to even mobile users and users at remote sites.

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6 Benefits of Firewall Protection You might not Know
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6 Benefits of Firewall Protection You might not Know
A firewall is a tool you must include in your computer security arsenal. Why is it essential? Read more to know 6 benefits of Firewall security for your PC.
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