Incognito Mode on YouTube
Android Users Soon to See an Incognito Mode on YouTube

You must be aware of the Incognito Mode on web browsers. It’s pretty useful, especially when you don’t want to be tracked while working on someone else’s computer. But have you ever thought of the same for YouTube videos? Good news! The company thought this on your behalf as they are testing an Incognito mode on YouTube for Android users these days.

Until now, when you want to watch a YouTube video anonymously, you either log out from the app altogether or pause your watch history which you can find in the Settings menu > History & Privacy. But with the new Incognito mode on YouTube, you won’t have to take help of the Settings menu for that. The Incognito mode will help you do it in an easier way than ever.

Since the mode is being in the testing phase, not all Android devices can be able to use it. The feature is being experimented with some random Android users for now. Those who have this feature in their YouTube apps can see an option namely “Turn On Incognito” on their account settings page. It’s located below switch accounts and sign out options.
Incognito Mode on YouTube-Enable the Mode

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Once enabled, the avatar icon of the user will turn into an Incognito icon. This feature will then block the app from recording whatever users do on YouTube. Also, it ditches your subscriptions for the time being. This all, with you still being logged in.

If successful, this YouTube stealth mode will land on more Android devices soon. But you’ll have to wait for this. The feature may sound insignificant at first but it’s good for the same reason you choose the Incognito mode on your web browser. No doubt, YouTube’s recommendation service is really good as it provides you with the suggestions you might like, an Incognito mode is still much appreciated for improved privacy.

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Android Users Soon to See an Incognito Mode on YouTube
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Android Users Soon to See an Incognito Mode on YouTube
An Incognito mode on YouTube is being tested for Android users these days, which will let them watch videos in a stealth mode. Read the post to learn more.
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