Disable Firewall on Windows 7
How to Easily Disable Firewall on Windows 7

Windows Firewall is a good way to establish security between your computer and the connected networks. It works kind of a filter to sort out which programs and apps are harmful to your system. It, then, prevents such programs to access your computer by blocking them for you. However, there are times when you need to disable firewall for your Windows computer. The reason could be any.

Reasons for Turning off Windows Firewall

You may want to turn off the firewall because you need to test a program on your computer. If your Windows Firewall is blocking this program, you will not be able to run and test it.

Some programs start acting up all of a sudden because your firewall is preventing it from working properly. In that case, it’s better to render the firewall ineffective at for that network.

You may want to disable the default Windows Firewall because you already have a hardware firewall set up on your router and there’s no need to overload your system with a software firewall protection.

Any reason may be but if you have made up your mind to disable firewall for your Windows 7 version, walk through this how-to article to get a help. Note: Apart from Windows 7, the steps mentioned below are same for all higher Windows as well, i.e. Windows 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

Disable Firewall in Windows 7

Step 1: Click Start and open Control Panel

Step 2: Head to the System and Security section

Step 3: Click Windows Firewall. Alternatively, you can also modify your settings for the programs that your firewall is allowing and blocking. To so that, click “Allow a program through Windows Firewall”
Disable Firewall in Windows 7-Click Windows FirewallStep 4: The next screen brings up the firewall status for all networks on your system viz. Work or Home (Private) networks and Public Networks. If the status displays red-colored icons, your Windows Firewall is already disabled. But if the icons are green, the entry in front of “Windows Firewall state” will be “On”. To disable Windows 7 Firewall for one or both types of networks, click the option in the left pane that says, “Turn Windows Firewall on or off”
Disable Firewall in Windows 7-Click Turn Windows Firewall on or off

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Step 5: Here, on the next screen, you can customize settings for both types of networks. Click on the radio buttons in front of Turn off Windows Firewall options for the type of network of your wish.
Disable Firewall in Windows 7-Click the Radio Buttons to Turn off Windows FirewallAlternatively, you can also tweak the notification settings by turning on Windows Firewall if you don’t want to disable it entirely. See the image below
Disable Firewall in Windows 7-Inner Settings of the Turn on Windows Firewall OptionStep 7: Click Ok at the bottom of the screen to complete the process

Step 6: In case you don’t want to completely disable firewall for your Windows and you just want to block some specific programs, you need to head to the Advanced Settings on the previous screen to specify which programs you wish to block
Disable Firewall in Windows 7-Windows Firewall Advanced SettingsDisabling the firewall opens your computer to various security threats. That’s what your system will also notify you when you disable firewall on your Windows.
Disable Firewall in Windows 7-Windows Firewall deactivatedTherefore, it’s recommended to get a hardware firewall or a third-party firewall (if you don’t like the default Windows Firewall) to secure your computer from the networks it is connected with.

In what scenarios do you feel the need to disable firewall on your computer? What are your opinions about Windows default firewall? do you prefer a hardware version instead? Shoot your opinions in the comments section below.

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How to Easily Disable Firewall on Windows 7
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How to Easily Disable Firewall on Windows 7
There can be any reason why want to disable Firewall on your Windows computer. Walk through the post to learn how to do it on Windows 7 and higher versions.
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