Google Handwriting Search feature is for you if you write faster than you type. The feature has been there since 2012 when Google updated its search engine. Still, it won’t surprise if you don’t know that you search Google using handwriting. Majority of users don’t know it exists. So, if you want to learn how you can use it, let us help. Walk through this how-to article to get handy at this feature.

Step-by-step: Search Google Using Handwriting

This is for touchscreen devices. You simply need to use Google’s handwriting input to look for whatever you want. There’s no specific search box available for the Handwriting input; you can handwrite anywhere on screen.

First off, you need to get the feature enabled. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open Settings on screen
  • Head to the Handwrite section
  • Tap Enable to turn on the handwriting input


  • Navigate to the bottom of the screen to Save the changes

Now, when you refresh the screen, you’ll find a handwriting icon at the bottom of the page. You can anywhere on the screen to search Google using handwriting. Once done, Google will turn your handwritten text into a typed text and put it in the search box. Use the search button to see results. You can disable Handwrite using Google Settings again.

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What’s great about Handwrite is that like other search methods, this one predicts your text searches too. Besides, in the case of confusing letters like 0 (zero) and O (English alphabet), you’ll receive word suggestions at the page.

This goes without saying but Handwrite works better for those whose handwriting flow is good. And if you’re comfortable with a stylus, it’ll be great. Not to forget, you can bring up the keyboard anytime by tapping the search box. It’s wiser to use both typing and handwriting inputs to make your Google search more convenient. Then there’s voice recognition as well which users find more suitable for searching.

There’s a reason why Google’s search is the best of them all. You can type, speak or use your handwriting on Google search, or combine all these three to take your browsing to the next level.

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How to Search Google Using Handwriting
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How to Search Google Using Handwriting
Google Handwriting Search feature is for you if you write faster than you type. Read the post to know how you can search Google using handwriting input.
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