How to Make Windows Computer Speak to You
How to Make Windows Computer Speak to You

Sit back; have coffee and make Windows computer speak your texts to you!

Having your dear Windows machine do the reading task for you while you’re busy in multitasking is one of the best feelings. This means you don’t have to go through the text you type on your Microsoft Word document or the instructions you give to your OS. You will only have to listen to what is written on the screen while your PC is reading documents for you. This Windows feature is pretty useful for blind people who can easily get an oral response from their PCs.

While Windows comes with a built-in Narrator that reads your computer screen aloud, if you want to get an oral interpretation only of your Windows texts and documents, there’s an easy trick to do that. Eager to know what it is? Walk through the post to discover how you can make this happen. Besides, get a bonus tip on Windows inbuilt tool, Narrator, if you haven’t used the tool by far.

Make Microsoft Word Read Documents to You

You might not know this till now, but your Microsoft Word has the ability to read back your text to you. It’s a built-in tool in the program itself that you can use if you don’t have time to revise what you’ve typed earlier or feel too lazy to do so.

Sadly, this ‘Microsoft Word speaking tool’ isn’t added to the ribbon interface of the program. Hence, it requires you to manually include this option with the ribbon to make your computer read your document to you. Here’s how to do it:

  • Head to the Quick Access Toolbar (down-arrow button) in the ribbon at the top of the screen
  • Click “More Commands” from the appeared menu

Make Windows Computer Speak-Microsoft Word-Quick Access Toolbar-More Commands

  • From the “Choose Commands from” drop-down list, select “Commands Not in the Ribbon
  • Sort out the list and click the “Speak” option

Make Windows Computer Speak-Microsoft Word-Quick Access Toolbar-More Commands-Speak

  • Now, click the “Add” button next to the column to include this option to the Quick Access Toolbar

You will see this “Speak” button in the ribbon from now on. So, whenever you need your text to be read out loud, click this button to make Windows computer speak the text to you.

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Make Adobe Reader Read PDFs to You

Adobe Reader is the default name that occurs to mind whenever it comes to PDF files and documents. Similar to Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader also serves you with its ability to read PDFs to you. All you need to do is open a PDF file in Adobe Reader and head to the “View” menu. Point the cursor to the “Read out Loud” option and select “Activate Read Out Loud”.
Make Windows Computer Speak-Adobe Reader-Activate Read Out LoudWith this feature enabled, you simply need to select a paragraph to make Windows computer speak it to you.

Make Windows Computer Speak to You: Using “Narrator”

It’s not only the documents but you can have your computer speak out everything that is on-screen while you’re navigating through it. It is the Windows inbuilt, text-to-speech tool, Narrator that does so. Furthermore, you can also take its help in getting a recitation of your files and documents.

In order to have this tool enabled on Windows 10, Head to the Start button > Settings. Once the Settings app opens, click on “Ease of Access” and then, “Narrator”. Now, enable Narrator to get its minimized window on the taskbar.
Make Windows Computer Speak-NarratorOn Windows 8 and earlier versions, take the help of the search bar to locate and access this text-to-speech tool.

While Windows Narrator is designed mainly for visually-impaired and hence, is useful for them quite a lot, for others it may seem annoying as it reads back each and everything that is visible on-screen when you’re using your computer. Therefore, it is suggested to use the inbuilt tools of Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader to make Windows computer speak to you if you merely want a bit of your text to be read out loud.

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How to Make Windows Computer Speak to You
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How to Make Windows Computer Speak to You
Walk through the post to learn how you can make Windows computer speak to you the documents, files, and even the on-screen instructions while you're working.
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