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5 Things you can Monitor with Parental Control Tools

Parenting is the toughest of all jobs, and because you care for your kids’ security the most, it’s natural you become a little too much protective sometimes. But your kids won’t like this. Your little darling wants to use your computer and you will let them have it. Therefore, you’ll have to be smart and subtle while controlling and monitoring their online activities. Thankfully, you have a helping hand! Use appropriate Parental Control Tools to do this task.

Reports suggest that 9 out of 10 parents worry about what their kids might access on the internet. This is natural; the internet is too risky if accessed by an immature mind. However, with a nice and honest interaction with your kid and efficient Parental Control Tools can be a great help. This interaction can include many things, such as setting the time duration your kid spends on the computer.

Along with these measures, use of technology can also be a great help. There come Parental Control Tools that enable you to manage and control your kids’ activities online. What is it that you can do with these tools? Let’s have a look at the post to know more.

Before you set out to monitor your kids’ access of the internet, it’s important to make sure each and every user of your computer has their own settings, and you have set a strong password for the settings you are using to control and manage your kids’ activities online.

How Parental Control Tools Help You?

Assigning User Roles

You can control your kids’ internet access by imparting them a role separately on the computer. This means you can customize many internet access permissions and the installation of new software according to the age your kid belongs to.

Restricting Access by Category

One of the important things that you can do is restrict the number of websites your children use. This you can do by categorizing the different websites as per their content.

Using Parental Control Tools like Qustodio, you can set rules and time schedules, and block offensive and porn content. These kinds of software help you apply such filters as restrict your kids’ online gaming (for instance) but permits free access to the stuff that helps them with their homework.

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Blocking Websites

Parental Control Tools to Monitor Kids Online Activities-Blocking WebsitesBlocking irrelevant, vulgar, and violent websites is as necessary as it is to filter the content that different blogs and videos contain. Simply set a role for your children individually according to their age. Use Parental Control Tools such as FamilyShield to enable pop-up blocker for the websites your kids might reach accidentally.

Tracking Activity Logs

Parental Control Tools to Monitor Kids Online Activities-Tracking Activity LogsBy using Parental Control Tools such as KidLoggers, you can track what your kids are up to. Such tools monitor the websites your kids’ access and the screenshots they take as well as keep record of their Skype text and voice chats. In this way, you can monitor your kids’ behavior pattern, which in turn helps in a better education and guidance of your children.

Controlling Apps and Usage Time

Parental Control Tools to Monitor Kids Online Activities-Controlling Apps and Usage TimeYou can use Parental Control Tools to choose which apps your kid should download and which not. Besides, you can set a time limit for them to decide how much time your kids must give to their internet activities. By doing this, you can make sure your kids aren’t wasting excessive periods on video games and YouTube videos on the computer.

Parental Control Tools are not simply a way to limit your kids’ access to the internet; it’s more than that. The ultimate aim is to let your children know what is good for them and what bad.

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5 Things you can Monitor with Parental Control Tools
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5 Things you can Monitor with Parental Control Tools
You’ll have to be smart and subtle while controlling and monitoring your kids’ online activities. Take the help of parent control tools to do this task.
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