Record Voice on a Windows Computer
How to Record Voice on a Windows Computer

Whether it’s for you’re a mimicry project for your school or the “Rockstar” inside you wishes to get your dulcet voice to reach your friends; you’ll want to create a recording of your voice which you can edit and modify later on. To help you make a splash with your vocal talent, Windows presents a free, default sound recorder with the option of editing, playing back, and saving. In case you fancy something more advanced with hi-end features, there are many third-party programs available online that you can use to record voice on a Windows computer.

Dive in this how-to article to learn the two methods for capturing your voice on your computer. Let’s get going!

Record Voice on a Windows Computer

Use Sound Recorder

To access the default Sound Recorder on your computer, do as follows:

  • Head to the Start button
  • Enter “sound recorder” in the search field

Record Voice on a Windows Computer-Default Sound Recorder-Access the Sound Recorder on Windows

  • When the result list shows up, click Sound Recorder. Windows 8 users have to search for “sound recorder” by using Start Screen search option

Note: Your computer will open Sound Recorder only if you have attached a microphone to your system. If you need to play back the audio you’ve just recorded, attach speakers or headphones too.

  • Once the recording window opens, click the “Start Recording” button having a red dot

Record Voice on a Windows Computer-Default Sound Recorder-Start Recording

  • Now, record your voice. To know if your voice is being recorded, look at the green bar. If it’s moving, the recording is in the process
  • When done, click the “Stop Recording” button having a black square

Record Voice on a Windows Computer-Default Sound Recorder-Stop Recording

  • When prompted to whether save or cancel the recording, choose as you wish. If you select “Save,” make sure you have instructed your desired location before completing the saving process

You can edit this saved recording and share it with other at any time.

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Use Third-party Software

The default sound recorder allows you to record for up to 60 seconds. If you wish to record more, you’ll have to take a third-party help to do the task. There are both free and paid recording programs available on the internet. Download a reliable one for your computer.

Here’s how you can use a third-party app to record voice on a Windows computer:

  • Once you’ve installed a recording app on your system, open it

Record Voice on a Windows Computer-Third-party app-sound recording

  • Start recording your voice by clicking the “recordbutton. Usually, it resembles a red-dot button in most recording apps
  • Using the given options, you can adjust your voice’s speed and pitch
  • Once the recording is done, you can edit it as per your wish and save it

That’s all for Windows voice recording! Have thoughts in mind? Share with us via the comments section below.

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How to Record Voice on a Windows Computer
Want to let your friends know of your vocal talents? You can either use the default sound recorder or third-party app to record voice on a Windows computer.
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