Chinese Android Malware
Be Cautious! Chinese Android Malware May Steal Your IMs Data

A Chinese Android malware is targeting almost all instant messaging platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Skype to steal chats, images, audio files and shared videos.

Researchers at Trustlook Labs, a cyber-security firm, have discovered a new Android Trojan that is robbing users’ data from all major Instant Messaging apps for mobile.  The Chinese Android Malware aimed not only one or two Instant Messaging platforms; rather a huge list is on target.

Instant Messaging apps that are targeted by the new Android Malware are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Skype
  • Viber
  • WChat
  • Weibo
  • Line
  • BeeTalk
  • Coco
  • Telegram Messenger
  • TalkBox Voice Messenger Momo
  • Voxer Walkie-Talkie Messenger
  • Gruveo Magic Call

Researchers’ suggest in a blog post that, the Chinese Android Malware can effectively hide its configuration file as well as a few of its modules to escape from detection. However, they stated that the Android Trojan is not as intricate as those noticed earlier and has limited capabilities.
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It is speculated that the Chinese Malware is making its way to IM apps through phishing campaigns and third-party Android App Stores as there is not any particular App Store for Chinese apps. It means, neither the internal antimalware measures of Google would be able to measure this Trojan nor the giant search engine platform can remotely uninstall the apps that are infected by this malware, even if Google senses them.

Here’s how to stay safe from Chinese Android Malware

If you don’t want to compromise your personal data, then be vigilant while installing any new apps on your device from a third-party app store. Also, don’t fall into the category of those who get fascinated by app stores that are offering additional benefits like cracked versions of paid apps or apps with unlocked in-app purchases.

Likewise, as this Chinese Trojan may breach your IMs data possibly spreading via Phishing Campaigns, you should keep your eyes open while walking through messages, emails, and pop-ups asking you to download third-party apps or hit on certain links. To stay safe from the Chinese Android Malware, the doctor’s advice to you is never download apps from untrustworthy sources and never hit on unreliable links.

To completely avoid the nuisance and keep a tab on such things, toggle your app store settings and enable “Do not allow third-party app downloads from untrusted sites.” Before installing any app, make sure that the app has the verification tag of Google Play Protect. If not, simply avoid installing the app.

For added security, it’s always better to load your device with a reliable antivirus or antimalware app which will keep protecting your smart device from any potential attacks.

Watch out before installing the next app on your device! It may have Chinese Malware.

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Be Cautious! Chinese Android Malware May Steal Your IMs Data
A Chinese Android malware is targeting almost all instant messaging platforms, including Facebook to steal chats, images, audio files and shared videos.
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