Remove Trojan Horse Virus
How to Remove Trojan Horse Virus from Your Windows

No matter how vigilant you are, there will always be a time when your computer has to face some kind of virus. And, if it is something as stubborn as a Trojan Horse virus, you’ll have to seriously buckle down to get rid of these soon. Worry not! There’s always something you can do to remove Trojan Horse virus from your system. But, first, let’s check out what exactly they refer to and how can they be harmful to your system.

What is a Trojan Horse Virus?

A Trojan Horse virus is a destructive software that shams itself as a congenial program and gets attached to your files, embedding itself in your computer. Although it doesn’t replicate itself as does a virus, it can be as damaging. It, usually, comes in spam emails or by clicking unfamiliar links. The worst kind of such Trojan viruses is the one that claims to eliminate the virus from your computer but, instead brings one to your system.

Once it’s in, a Trojan Horse virus covertly begins destructing your system files. Some of the Trojans are merely annoying in nature, by toggling with your system settings. Others can be significantly damaging as they are designed to spy on you and steal your personal and financial information.

Fortunately, the help is at hand! Dive in the post to learn what you can do to remove Trojan Horse virus from your Windows.

Steps to Remove Trojan Horse Virus from your Computer

Recognize the Virus

The first thing to rid your Windows from a Trojan Horse virus is to recognize in which form it has introduced itself to your system. Learning this will help you eliminate it more easily. Generally, your system will send you a DLL error to notify you about the virus. To know what it means, simply copy the error notification, paste it on to your web browser, and press Enter. After getting the complete information about its type you can delete it manually with ease.

Stop System Restore from Working

A Trojan is a nasty virus that affects computer’s Restore points, meaning it will keep affecting your system even after you’ve removed it. Therefore, it is best to first disable the System Restore before moving on to the next step. Here’s how you can do it:
Remove Trojan Horse Virus-Stop System Restore

  • Launch the System properties by right-clicking on the empty space of your desktop. On Windows 8, take the help of Win + X keys and select System
  • Head to the “System Protection” link
  • Click the Configure button
  • Turn off “System Protection” and remove all the saved restore points. If you don’t do this, your deleted files will be restored

Once you have completely rid your Windows from the Trojan virus, you can re-enable the System Restore.

Reboot Your Computer in Safe Mode

Remove Trojan Horse Virus-Reboot Your Computer in Safe ModeOften times, your Windows may not expose an infected file to you in normal mode. Therefore, before running your anti-virus scan to detect and remove Trojan Horse virus from your system, you must take help of the Safe Mode. To access the Safe Mode, restart your computer and press F5 repeatedly to bring up the Advanced Boot menu. Choose Safe mode by using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

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Uninstall All Unrecognized Programs

Trojans get into your computer in the form of programs. Usually, these programs are those you didn’t authorize and hence, you are not aware of them either. So, it’s better to uninstall such programs altogether that you don’t recognize.
Remove Trojan Horse Virus-Uninstall All Unrecognized ProgramsOnce in the Safe Mode, open Control Panel and click “Add/Remove Programs” (or “Programs and Features” in Windows 10). Sort out the apps or programs that didn’t approve of, and uninstall them by right-clicking on each individually.

Use an Efficient Anti-virus

Remove Trojan Horse Virus-Use an Efficient Anti-virusNeedless to mention but using an effective anti-virus to protect your system against any kind of virus is an essential move. If you don’t have an anti-malware program on your system, install one. If you already have one, update it to the latest.

To remove Trojan Horse virus from your Windows, run an anti-virus scan. Depending on the number of files, apps, and software in your system, the scan may take from minutes to hours. Once done, your anti-virus may bring up one of these results:

  1. Detected a virus and removed it successfully”: In this case, restart your computer in the normal mode and run the scan again. If nothing comes, you can rest assured your computer is safe now.
  2. Detected a virus but is unable to remove it”: In this situation, copy the name of the virus and paste it on to the search bar of some major antivirus company’s websites. Follow their instructions to remove Trojan Horse virus from your system.
  3. Didn’t detect anything”: If this happens and you’re sure your computer is certainly affected by a virus, try some other anti-virus program instead. If this one also does the same, your last resort is to make a backup of all your important data and format your computer.

While a normal virus can be easy to tackle, the Trojans are pretty insidious in nature. However, following these tricks you can get rid of these culprits without much hassle.

How much this article helped you remove Trojan Horse virus from your system? Is there any additional trick you would like to add to this post? Share your thoughts via the comments section below.

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How to Remove Trojan Horse Virus from Your Windows
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How to Remove Trojan Horse Virus from Your Windows
A Trojan is a nasty virus but there’s always something you can do to remove Trojan Horse virus from your system. Read the article to learn more about this.
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