Virus Infecting Your Computer
Virus Infecting Your Computer: All You Need to Know

You’re working on your system and your anti-virus brings up a popup naming “VIRUS!” You know it’s an alert and you’ll have to resolve some kind of severe issue soon. Undoubtedly, your anti-virus will do that for you, but have you ever tried to recognize a virus infecting your computer to keep it away from your system in the first place? Let’s see what exactly a computer virus is and how it finds a place on your system.

A computer virus is kind of a program that has an ability to replicate and, subsequently, spread itself all over your system as well as those devices that connect to your computer. Although not all viruses are dangerous for your system, many of them are quite devastating in character.

To talk of the term ‘computer virus’; generally, it refers to that software that is malicious in type. Viruses are created by hackers and their purpose depends on the hackers’ intention. Some viruses are created to corrupt data on your hard drive while some are designed to extract your personal and financial information. Whatever it is…they aren’t your friend, for sure!

Fortunately, there are several measures you can take to avoid the virus infecting your computer by recognizing its type. A virus can make its way into your computer via multiple ways. Let’s see what those are.

Recognize the Virus Infecting Your Computer

Debased Executables

Virus Infecting Your Computer-Debased Executables BinaryAlso known as ‘binary,’ an Executable is a file or code that can be run as a program. Executables, generally, have the file extension of .exe, .bat, or .com. The good news is, you can recognize if an executable file is infected by its size; it is smaller than the normal size of a regular program.

To avoid having such files on your computer, keep away from the websites you aren’t familiar with. Download your programs and movies only from the original websites or the ones you trust. Most of the executables enter a computer via a pirated version offering by a malicious website. Hence, avoid downloading the pirated versions of your software and movies.

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Malicious Plugins

Virus Infecting Your Computer-Malicious PluginsBelieve it or not; there are people out there that, actually, take pains to inject malicious programs into random computers. By trapping their website visitors into installing some kind of plugins, these hackers gain access to their computers as well as their private life. The example of this is, when you click to watch a video on a website, you get notified that the video can’t be played until a specific plugin is installed. If you choose to install that plugin, you are simply escorting the hackers into your computer.

Java Applets

Virus Infecting Your Computer-Java AppletsSimilar to malicious plugins, Java applets are another way a hacker gets hold of your computer. Java applets may seem an outdated thing; they are still used by hackers to introduce some kinds of virus infecting your computer and its working. Embedded on a malicious website, such java applets are created to make the users believe those are necessary to proceed further. If you click “Yes,” you let the hacker install a virus on to your system.

Internet Explorer Security Loopholes

Virus Infecting Your Computer-Internet Explorer Security LoopholesThis decrepit, old web browser is a paradise for hackers. Since it is dumped by its software developer of the browser security, it becomes the prime means of hackers targeting users’ computers and lives. The reason being, people still shirk from switching to modern web browsers. It enables hackers to take advantage of the browser’s security loopholes and install some kinds of virus programs on your computer. However, the modern browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are continually updated to fix security issues. Therefore, try using them instead of Internet Explorer if you want to shun the malicious attempts of hackers trying to sneak into your private life.

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Virus Infecting Your Computer: All You Need to Know
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Virus Infecting Your Computer: All You Need to Know
Have you ever tried to recognize a virus infecting your computer to keep it away from your system in the first place? Let’s see what a computer virus is.
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