How to Easily Create a Microsoft Account

Switching from Mac to Windows? The first thing you’ll need to do is create a Microsoft Account on your system. It’s not a big deal! Only a few clicks; and your Microsoft account is ready to unlock loads of Windows features to you.

Just as you need an Apple ID to install services and apps on your MacBook, you require a Microsoft Account to make purchases on Microsoft Store, share files in OneDrive, place Skype calls, create and manage documents with Office 365, and so on. Besides, your Microsoft account is necessary to connect to your Gamertag, achievements, and other such information, if you own a Microsoft account.

Furthermore, your Microsoft account adds to your privacy. You can use it to sign into your computer, thereby dispelling the fear of letting your system accessed by anyone without your consent.

Here’s what you need to do to get your Microsoft account ready for use.

Create a Microsoft Account

Follow the instructions below to create a Microsoft account on your Windows computer or smartphone:

  1. Head to the Microsoft Windows Account page from your system

Create a Microsoft Account-Microsoft Windows Account page

  1. Click “Create a free Microsoft account.”
  2. Enter your personal details and set a password. Make sure your password is strong enough to be able to defend any kind of hijacking

Create a Microsoft Account-Fill in your Personal Details

  1. If you wish to separate your Microsoft account from your existing personal account, click “Get a new email address” below the Username field
  2. Type the Captcha code to prove you aren’t a robot

Create a Microsoft Account-Enter captcha code

  1. Click the Create Account button at the bottom

Create a Microsoft Account-Click Create Account

  1. Now head to your email account and verify your Microsoft account by selecting the Verify button

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You can now use this account to do plenitude of things on your Windows machine and smartphone. Remember, your Microsoft account is significantly valuable. So, make sure you never miss anything to keep it secure. You can keep your account safe by following some easy practices like enabling two-factor authentication for accessing your account, never sharing your password with others, and making sure you sign out on a public computer before switching it off.

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How to Easily Create a MicroHow to Easily Create a Microsoft Accountsoft Account
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How to Easily Create a MicroHow to Easily Create a Microsoft Accountsoft Account
The first thing you’ll need to do after you have bought your first-ever Windows machine is create a Microsoft Account on your system. Read the article.
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