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Everything you do on your computer gets recorded in the system registry. For instance, the websites you visit or the songs you download get an entry in the registry on your computer to be used later on. Although Windows keeps checking for unnecessary registry files from time to time to remove them from the system, there still remain some entries behind that you must check for yourself to make your computer perform faster. That’s where registry cleaners come handy. Check out the best, free registry cleaners 2018 for your Windows machine.

Top Free Registry Cleaners 2018

  1. CCleaner

Registry Cleaners 2018-CCleanerOne of the prime choices among users, CCleaner boasts a user-friendly interface to help you clean unwanted registry entries in a hassle-free manner. Offering both installable and portable versions, the software runs on all popular Windows platforms viz. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP. What makes CCleaner endearing is that it offers you the option to create a backup of your registry before removing in case you want to get hold of them again.

Although you can obtain the software for free, it also comes in a premium version to serve your Windows with more functionalities and features. It’s the popularity of CCleaner that makes it appear on our list of top ten free registry cleaners 2018 for your Windows computer.

  1. Wise Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaners 2018-Wise Registry CleanerIf you love to get a registry cleaner that displays a beautiful interface along with being proficient at its registry removal functionality, download Wise Registry Cleaner because it offers you everything you want. It inherits multiple features like fast scans, scheduled, categorizing the results for an ease of understanding, separating normal issues from the ‘unsafe’ ones and many more. Besides, it also allows you to defragment registry if you want.

Similar to CCleaner program, Wise Registry Cleaner also works on all Windows platforms and let you use both portable and installable versions.

  1. PC Optimizer Pro

Registry Cleaners 2018-PC Optimizer ProOne of the fastest registry cleaners 2018, PC Optimizer Pro is a complete suite to optimize your computer for better performance and speed. It not only cleans out junk registry entries from your system but also unveils some powerful, additional features to make your PC boast a super-fast performance.

This registry fix tool comes with a “File Shredder” that permanently removes junk files from your computer, dispelling the chances of any future recovery of those files. Besides, there’s this “Manage Startup” feature! Using this software utility, you can configure and control your computer startup apps and programs.

Furthermore, PC Optimizer Pro comes with a “Backup Restore” option to enable you to reverse your unintentional registry fixes. All Windows owners can benefit from this registry cleaner as it runs on all versions of Windows, viz. Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

  1. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaners 2018-Auslogics Registry CleanerOne of the top-rated free registry cleaners 2018 for Windows, Auslogics Registry Cleaners is an easy-to-use tool for getting rid of unnecessary entries. This registry repair tool offers multiple features to help users with almost all Windows platforms, 32-bit and 62-bit versions of Windows 10, 8 and 7, 32-bit versions of Windows Vista and XP.

Auslogics’ popularity owes mainly to its simple interface and its feature that gives a different color to different registry errors to help users easily identify which one is more severe than the other. Furthermore, it also backs up registry changes created during the repair process.

  1. Glarysoft Registry Repair

Registry Cleaners 2018-Glarysoft Registry RepairThis registry cleaner for Windows works excellently when it comes to removing registry junk from your system, making your Windows perform faster. Once downloaded, Glarysoft Registry Repair will automatically start running a scan to delete unwanted registry entries. The software comes with an automatic backup feature that stores all registry files in case you removed them accidentally.

  1. SlimCleaner Free

Registry Cleaners 2018-SlimCleaner FreeThe next among our list of free registry cleaners 2018 comes SlimCleaner Free registry repair program. Providing you a comprehensive solution to all your registry and cache related problems, SlimCleaner Free additionally offers many features like startup optimization, software update checks, system cleaning and many more.

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  1. Easy Cleaner

Registry Cleaners 2018-Easy CleanerBoasting a minimalistic design, Easy Cleaner justifies its name by providing an easy-to-use interface for registry cleaning. Using Easy Cleaner, you can duplicate files, manage browser cookies and history, clean cache along with getting rid of registry junk from your computer.

  1. Argente Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaners 2018-Argente Registry CleanerArgente Registry Cleaner is one of the decent registry cleaners 2018 that offers a wizard-based interface to help you select multiple categories both manually and automatically. Although it takes time during its scan for registry issues, it provides users with automatic backups to fix accidental registry deletion.

You don’t need to install Argente Registry Cleaner as the program comes in a portable version for your Windows computer.

  1. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaners 2018-Eusing Free Registry CleanerThis registry fix tool comes with all essential features to help you through registry repair process. Furthermore, to help you revert your unintentional registry removals, it gives you an auto-backup option. Surprisingly, it is Eusing Free Registry Cleaner’s straight-forward interface that landed the tool on our list of best registry cleaners 2018 for Windows.

  1. WinUtilities Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaners 2018-WinUtilities Registry CleanerRanking among the best registry cleaners 2018 to make your Windows run faster, WinUtilities Free features many advanced to help you take care of your computer. You can find the registry cleaning option resting in “Modules”. This registry repair tool allows you create a restore point before you start the repair process.

WinUtilities Registry Cleaner runs on all newer Windows versions, plus 32-bit and 62-bit of Windows XP.

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10 Best Free Registry Cleaners 2018 for Windows
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10 Best Free Registry Cleaners 2018 for Windows
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