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How to Use Alexa Calling and Messaging Feature for Free

Amazon Alexa’s aptitude and capabilities are spiraling each day, with so much to make our routines easy and comfortable. One of these blessings is the Alexa calling and messaging feature which enables you to connect with your loved ones for free. Although this feature is available only in the US and even in the UK with a slight difference, it’s popularity proves an eventual spread soon all over the world. Walk through this how-to article to learn how you can use this calling and messaging feature by using your virtual assistant.

Use Alexa Calling Feature

The Voice Calling feature of Alexa enables you to call your contacts that are using Echo devices. Amazon Echo Speakers work like a speakerphone in this case. You only need to command your Alexa assistant to call a specific contact and it will do the same. It’s simple! For instance, you only say “Alexa, call mom” and your virtual assistant will dial your mom’s number for you, and when your mom gets the notification from her Echo speaker that you’re calling her, she can choose to answer you.
Alexa Calling-Alexa call momUsing the Alexa app, you can also place calls or drop a voice message on your contacts’ Fire, iOS, or Android tablet. If you want to connect with the other Echo devices in your home, you merely need to enable the Drop-in feature within the app.

Alexa calling and messaging feature is free as it uses your Wi-Fi network to work, similar to other calling apps like Skype.

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Use Alexa Messaging Feature

As for messaging, you can take your virtual assistant’s help by saying, “Alexa, send mom a message.” Now, Alexa will ask you to dictate her that message. Your voice dictation will be converted into a text message and sent to your mom. Now, when your mom sees a yellow ring on her Echo device, she can listen to it by saying, “Alexa, play my messages.” Alexa will then use its text-to-speech conversion feature to recite the message.

Alternatively, your mom can also, read the message in the Conversation section in the Alexa app, just as she does in other messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Bonus: You can also send text messages to those not owning an Echo device by using the Alexa app. Your recipients merely need to install the Alexa app as well as have an Amazon account. You will also be able to call these people by tapping the phone icon in the top-right corner of the app. In this way, you can use Alexa calling feature to call even a non-Echo owner. Read more at How to Send Text Messages with Alexa

Set up Alexa Calling and Messaging Feature

Alexa Calling-Set up Alexa Calling and Messaging Feature

  • Launch the Alexa app and tap Conversation at the bottom
  • Type your name exactly as you want to show up to your contacts
  • Allow the app to sync your list of contacts

Now you’re all set to have a chat with your friends, family, your colleagues, and everyone on your contact list.

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How to Use Alexa Calling and Messaging Feature for Free
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How to Use Alexa Calling and Messaging Feature for Free
One of the blessings of Amazon’s virtual assistant is the Alexa calling and messaging feature which enables you to connect with your loved ones for free.
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