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How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on iOS

After introducing the “Dark Mode” theme for its web interface in 2017, YouTube has recently rolled out the dark mode for iOS users. And since then, the dark theme for YouTube app is being praised by Apple lovers who were longing to have it since last year. Why such a warm welcome? The Dark theme renders it easy to watch the YouTube app at night by providing an ideal light brightness. Plus, it improves your devices battery life—that’s what clicks, right? If you own an Apple device too, you might be looking for the way to know how you can enable YouTube dark mode on your iOS device. Scroll down the post to learn more.

Note: You can enable YouTube Dark Mode feature only if you have the YouTube app for iOS version 13.01.4 or later.
Enable YouTube Dark Mode-See the App Version NumberIf you want to know which app version you own, simply tap your Profile icon in the upper-right corner of the app. Open Settings and navigate to the bottom to see the version number.

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Enable YouTube Dark Mode on Your iOS Device

Follow the steps below to enable dark mode on YouTube app:

  1. Get to the YouTube app on your iOS device
  2. Navigate to the upper-right corner of the app and tap on your Profile image
  3. Now, tap Settings from the menu that appears

Enable YouTube Dark Mode-Toggle the Dark Theme On

  1. Toggle the Dark Theme ON
  2. Exit Settings by tapping the “x” button in the top-left corner

Your YouTube app’s interface will now get a dark display, soothing your eyes in the dark environment.

Interestingly, the YouTube dark mode improves your smartphone’s battery life as the OLED display technology used by Apple does not need a backlight. Unlike in LCD displays, the black pixels in OLEDs are turned off, meaning less power is needed to illuminate the pixels on the display.

Also, read how you can enable YouTube dark mode on Chrome.

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How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on iOS
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How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode on iOS
If you own an Apple device, you might want to know how you can enable YouTube dark mode on your iOS device. Walk through this how-to article to learn more.
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