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5 Ways to Improve Amazon Echo Privacy and Safety

With Alexa getting more popular each passing day, the need to improve Amazon Echo privacy and safety is spiraling in equal amounts. Afterall, your device’s privacy ensures your safety.

There’s no doubt the smart Amazon Echo devices are meant to ease your routine by reducing your workload and managing your time. Ironically, that’s what makes them prone to more privacy risk than ordinary devices. These devices run on Alexa virtual assistant, which although being smart, can be manipulated by anyone who knows how to handle her.

Fortunately, Amazon presents you with multiple options to improve your Echo privacy. What are they? Let’s have a look.

How to Improve Amazon Echo Privacy

No matter how much safe you think your Echo device and Alexa are, there are always some ways you can opt for to make them safer. Check out the 6 ways below that we’ve included in the post to help you around.

Mute Voice Input When You’re Out

Amazon Echo Privacy-Mute Your Echo Speaker Voice InputAlexa is your assistant and should only be yours. However, leaving the voice input enabled even when you’re out allows others to trigger Alexa to follow their commands. This is, especially not good if you have small kids in your house who have got used to giving commands to Alexa. So, it’s better to mute your virtual assistant whenever needed to improve your Amazon Echo privacy. Simply, press the mute button on the speaker when it’s not in use.

Change the Wake Command

Your Amazon Echo responds to you only after you say the wake word set up for it, which is “Alexa” by default. However, you can change this wake word as per your preferences. It’s recommended you’d do it immediately after activating it for the first time. The reason is obvious; no one else should access your Alexa without your consent. This is a useful way to improve your Amazon Echo privacy and safety.Amazon Echo Privacy-Change the Wake CommandTo change the wake command, head to the Alexa app on your Android or iOS devices and select Settings. Now, tap Choose Wake Word option and set up your desired word.

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Set up a Secure PIN for Ordering

Amazon Echo Privacy-Set up a Secure PIN for OrderingThis tip is helpful to those who have kids or shopping freaks adults at home. If you want to keep the right to shopping online through Alexa only in your hands, the best move is to set up a secure PIN so that the person who’s voice-commanded for the shopping order will have to enter that PIN before finalizing the order. Alternatively, you can disable the settings altogether that make allow Alexa to order by voice commands.

Check Drop-in Settings Regularly

The Drop-in feature lets you converse with others using the same Echo device. It’s much like an intercom setting up conversations between people in different locations. You’ll have to make a drop-in list to allow other Amazon Echo users to contact you.
Amazon Echo Privacy-Check Drop-in Settings RegularlyIn order to improve your Amazon Echo privacy and safety, you should keep checking this drop-list often. The objective is to make sure there’s no unrecognized visitor on the list. Besides, make it a habit to disable this feature when you’re not around.

Remove Voice Data

To respond to every next command more accurately, Alexa keeps storing your previous commands and instructions in the cloud. This makes the virtual assistant be more accurate with its voice-recognition feature. However, this also means anyone who can access your Alexa app will know about the commands history.
Amazon Echo Privacy-Remove Voice DataThankfully, you can delete this history if you want for privacy purposes. To do that, simply head to and log into your account. Select the Your Device option > [your Echo device] > the Ellipses icon > Manage Voice Recordings and click Delete. Confirm your decision by clicking Delete when asked. This will remove all your commands history from your Amazon account.

In case you want to delete only select commands, open Alexa app on your Android or iOS mobile, go to Settings > History, and tap Delete Voice Recordings to remove your desired instructions individually.

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5 Ways to Improve Amazon Echo Privacy and Safety
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5 Ways to Improve Amazon Echo Privacy and Safety
With Alexa getting more popular each passing day, the need to improve Amazon Echo privacy is spiraling too. Afterall, Alexa’s privacy ensures your safety.
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