Change Xbox Live Gamertag
How to Easily Change Xbox Live Gamertag

Everything about gaming world is swift and agile, be it gaming habits or practices. And when it comes to your profile, why would it be the same your entire gaming span? You may have set a gamertag on your Xbox decades ago or merely a week before, you can easily alter it using a web browser, Xbox app, Xbox One, or Xbox 360. Walk through this how-to article to learn the process to change Xbox live gamertag without any hassle.

Change Xbox Live Gamertag Using a Web Browser

  • Open your web browser and head to
  • Click (or tap) “Change Gamertag”

Change Xbox Live Gamertag-Use a Web Browser

  • Log in to your account using your Microsoft account credentials linked to your gamertag
  • Enter a new gamertag in the area provided and select Check Availability
  • Claim an available gamertag

Note: Changing a gamertag is free only for once. It costs you money if you change your gamertag again.

Change Xbox Live Gamertag in Xbox App on Microsoft 10

You can change your gamertag in Xbox app on Windows 10 for free for the first time. However, if you’ve changed it before, you’ll have to use your web browser to do the task and that will cost you money. Learn how you can use the Xbox app on Windows 10 to alter your gamertag:

  • Launch your Xbox app on Windows 10 computer and log in using your Microsoft account linked to your gamertag
  • Choose your gamerpic in the top-left corner of the home screen
  • Head to “Customize” at the top of your profile screen

Change Xbox Live Gamertag-Use Xbox App on Microsoft 10-Select Your Gamerpic and Click Customize

  • Select Change gamertag option
  • Enter a new gamertag of your choice in the required field and check for its availability

Change Xbox Live Gamertag-Use Xbox One-Enter Your New Gamertag

  • Once you’ve found an available gamertag, select Claim it

Once you’re finished choosing and confirming your new gamertag, this new one will be visible on your friends’ lists automatically.

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Change Xbox Live Gamertag on Xbox One

  • Press the Xbox button on your Xbox one wireless controller
  • Go to Sign in on the home screen or if you’re already signed in, go to your profile
  • Press the menu button on the controller and select Settings

Change Xbox Live Gamertag-Use Xbox One-Select Settings

  • Head to About me
  • Choose Customize Profile option, and then choose Change gamertag
  • Check for an available gamertag by entering it in the required field or create a new one by selecting “Make my own” option

Change Xbox Live Gamertag-Use Xbox One-Enter Your New Gamertag

  • After you’ve found the availability, select Enter
  • Choose “Sounds good”
  • Once your gamertag is changed, select Close to complete the process

Your new gamertag will be updated on your friends’ lists. Also, the payment option linked to your Xbox Live account is charged.

Change Xbox Live Gamertag on Xbox 360

  • Go to Social on your Xbox 360 console
  • Log in to your account by selecting Sign In or Out If you’re already signed in, select Settings on the right side, and then Profile

Change Xbox Live Gamertag-Use Xbox 360-Go to Sign In or Out

  • Head to Edit Profile and choose Gamertag
  • Enter a new gamertag up to 15 characters by selecting Enter New Gamertag
  • If this gamertag is available and select “Yes, use this gamertag” option

Change Xbox Live Gamertag-Use Xbox 360-Yes Use this Gamertag

  • If it’s not available, try another one

Once your new gamertag starts appearing on your Xbox profile, you’re ready to embark on your Xbox journey and bring your opponents to their knees using this brand new, exciting Xbox identity.

How much the option to change your Xbox live gamertag seems useful to you? Do you think it should be free for multiple times? Share your thoughts via the comments section below.

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How to Easily Change Xbox Live Gamertag
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How to Easily Change Xbox Live Gamertag
You can easily change Xbox live gamertag using multiple ways. Walk through this how-to article to learn how you can alter your gamertag without any hassle.
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