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How to Remove Microsoft Account from Windows 10

Deleting your Windows account from a computer ensures no one else accesses it without your consent. Afterall, your account is your property and provided the fact it contains highly personal information, this account must be handled with care. Now, when you don’t want it on a specific system, you must deactivate it permanently. How to do that? Have a look at this how-to article to learn the process you can use to remove Microsoft account from Windows 10 by following any of the three ways.

Method 1: Remove Microsoft Account Login from Control Panel

  1. First off, click the Start button, type Control Panel in the search bar and press Enter
  2. Once the Control Panel opens, select the drop-down arrow next to “View By” option and choose Large Icons
  3. Head to User Accounts

Remove Microsoft Account-Control Panel-User Accounts

  1. Click “Manage another account” to bring up the screen displaying all the accounts on your system
  2. Select the Microsoft account you wish to terminate
  3. Now, choose “Delete the account” from the left bar
  4. From the next window, click “Keep Files” to keep all your important data intact

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Method 2: Remove Microsoft Account Login using Netplwiz

  1. Enter netplwiz in the search field (or Cortana icon) and Press Enter

Remove Microsoft Account-Netplwiz-Use Windows 10 Run bar

  1. Once the User Accounts window opens, check the box “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer
  2. Click on the Microsoft account you want to remove, and select Remove
  3. Now, when the system asks you to confirm your decision, click Yes to permanently remove your Windows account login from your Windows 10

Method 3: Remove Microsoft Account Login from Settings App

  1. Head to the Start button and Click Settings
  2. On the Settings screen, click Accounts

Remove Microsoft Account-Settings App-Accounts

  1. Choose Family & other users on the left pane
  2. Select the Windows account you want to eliminate and click the Remove button
  3. To confirm your decision, select “Delete account and Data

Once done, your MS account on Windows 10 will be deleted permanently.

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How to Remove Microsoft Account from Windows 10
Let’s have a look at this how-to article to discover the process you can use to remove Microsoft account from Windows 10 by following any of the three ways.
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