Free Alternatives to Skype
6 Best and Free Alternatives to Skype You’d Gladly Pick

Skype being highly popular, mainly for Video calls, has always been an ideal choice for the users till date. However, being popular doesn’t mean it’s completely secure and reliable. In fact, a dangerous exploit in Skype works to grant attackers access to your computers, making this messaging service a dangerous area to dwell on. No need to worry though! Sensing the security and privacy needs of users, we’ve come forward with a comprehensive list of free alternatives to Skype that you’d gladly want to switch to. Let’s dive into the post to learn more.

Free Alternatives to Skype

Google Hangouts

Free Alternatives to Skype-Google HangoutsOne of the most popular free alternatives to Skype for Windows, Google Hangouts is a complete package for making voice, video calls and video conferencing. Chiefly, your Google contacts are automatically synced to your Hangouts account. But you can also search a person through their contact number or email address, and you’re all set to chat with them. Besides, Hangouts allows you to create groups up to ten contacts.

What’s more? You can also make calls to non-Hangouts mobiles as well as landline phone users via your app. In the US and Canada, this Hangout service is free but can cost you money in other countries.

One feature which is loved the most is Hangouts on air. Using this, you can beam your live hangout video for free. Once you’ve completed creating the video, Hangout will automatically upload it to your YouTube Channel.

In spite of these attractive features, Google Hangouts has a hiccup that may hinder a complete experience. The official desktop version of the app is quite stodgy and fails to attract more users. So, you can use a third-party desktop client such as YakYak to enjoy Hangouts to its fullest.


Free Alternatives to Skype-LINEAnother option to consider while looking out for free alternatives to Skype is LINE. It has a nice set of features to offer to those who look for something usual to try out. This messaging service is not only available for Windows but also serves the users of major smartphones. Similar to Hangouts, LINE allows you to create groups and exchange free video and voice calls along with text messages. You can also jazz up your messages through LINE’s animation sticker’s store.

The fun doesn’t stop here! For those who love share in their texts a lot, LINE supports the media that lets you leave a voice message for future. Besides, you can also broadcast your location whenever you want. You can also place short international calls for free after you’ve watched ads provided by LINE.

Not only your contacts but using LINE, you can even follow the official accounts of celebrities.

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Free Alternatives to Skype-ViberInitially meant for smartphone use, Viber has now landed on the Windows computers as well as Macs. Using Viber, you can be in touch with your friends from around the world through the standard features of text messages and voice calls and video calls. Its handoff feature is much appreciated which enables you to move your running calls from computers to phones.

Similar to LINE, Viber allows you to connect with celebrities and famous websites. And if feeling like doing something else, you can enjoy the interactive games that Viber offers. Plus, it’s completely ad-free and one of the most solid free alternatives to Skype to opt for.


Free Alternatives to Skype-WhatsappArguably the most popular of all messaging apps, WhatsApp is a name almost every smartphone user is familiar with. If you’ve not used it, you’re surely missing out the fun. What places this wonderful app to rank among best and free alternatives to Skype is the host of feature it offers.

Like most other messaging apps, WhatsApp works across multi-platforms, say Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. What’s different though, is that you don’t need to sign up an account to get started with this app. All you need is your phone number and you’re ready to dive into the infinite land of amazing features. With the most user-friendly interface and recurring frequent, quality updates; WhatsApp can be a good option to keep up with your loved ones.

Among many of its features is end-to-end encryption which dispels the fears of private data security. Besides, you can conduct voice and video calls as well as update gif and video status.


Free Alternatives to Skype-ooVooooVoo is another great app to secure its place among our list of 6 best and free alternatives to Skype to keep in touch with your contacts. Offering free video chats among up to 12 persons at a time, ooVoo is available for almost all platforms. You can make calls to even those who aren’t using ooVoo. In this case, a non-user will be able to answer your call via Facebook.

Like other messaging apps, ooVoo provides the users with standard stickers, emojis, and GIFs to glam up their messaging experience. And that can be done even when you’re on a video call.


Free Alternatives to Skype-ICQThe last but not at all least to appear in the messaging arena is ICQ. Quite ancient in the league, ICQ has a simple interface without much fluff. Your calls are encrypted and you can create groups to chat with friends. Besides, you can convert a received voice message into text if you’re unable to comprehend the words at the moment.

Like some other Skype alternatives, ICQ also lets you send messages to those who aren’t using this service. What makes this app so endearing is that it supports the transfer of large files up to 4 GB.

Did we miss any of favorite free alternatives to Skype? Do you think they have everything you need? Share your thoughts via the comments section below.

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6 Best and Free Alternatives to Skype You’d Gladly Pick
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6 Best and Free Alternatives to Skype You’d Gladly Pick
Skype being highly popular, mainly for Video calls, has always been an ideal choice for the users till date. But that doesn’t mean it’s completely secure and reliable. We’ve come forward with a comprehensive list of free alternatives to Skype that you’d gladly want to switch to. Let’s dive into the post to learn more.
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