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Facebook Messenger Now Makes Conference Calling Way Easier

With the latest update, Facebook Messenger makes it a lot easier to convert a one-on-one video call to a conference call of up to 50 participants concurrently.

Earlier, initiating a group call on Facebook messenger was a not-so-easy task. You needed to place a video or voice call to a single contact and let them know that you want to have a group call. Then, you had to hang up the running call (that’s pretty rude). After this, you would write a message to the other person you want to add to your group call. And then, after this entire long, tedious process only could you be able to chat with more than one contact. Annoying, isn’t it? Imagine having to handle a 10-people video call!

Take a Look at What the Latest Facebook Messenger Update Offers?

Thankfully, this hectic, exasperating process is a thing of the past now. The latest Messenger update includes a new option that makes you add multiple participants into a group call way easier and faster. All you need to do is simply press (or tap) the + icon on the calling screen when you’re in a video or voice chat. When the list of all your contacts shows up, select the participants you’d wish to involve into your running call.

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What’s more? The filters. To enhance the calling fun, Facebook makes sure you can use filters and effects in a conference call the same way you can use these in a one-on-one call. Furthermore, after the group calls ends, Messenger will redirect all the participants to an automatically-formed group chat.

Now, that’s truly worth a try!

This amazing Messenger feature update is one of the refinements Facebook promised to bring to its users last month. Back in January, Zuckerberg announced that the cluttered Messenger app will massively be simplified on all platforms in 2018. And so they’ve done. The updated version of Facebook Messenger is now available for both Android and iOS devices around the world. Download and enjoy it to take your calling experience to the next level!

How many thumbs up will you give the latest Facebook Messenger update? Do you think there’s still something in the app that requires modification? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Facebook Messenger Now Makes Conference Calling Way Easier
With the latest messenger update, Facebook makes it a lot easier to convert a one-on-one video call to a conference call of up to 50 participants concurrently. The exasperating process of making group calls is a thing of the past now. Read the post to discover what the new Facebook Messenger update occupies to offer you.
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