In-screen Fingerprint Sensor
Smartphone with In-screen Fingerprint Sensor Coming Soon

The world’s first smartphone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor is about to be launched soon and set the ball rolling for other brands to contribute the same to the technology market.

Smartphone with In-screen Fingerprint Sensor Unveiled

One of the most anticipated smartphone features has finally found its place on the Chinese Vivo upcoming smartphone. We’re talking about the in-screen fingerprint sensor that was rumored for the tech giants Samsung and Apple. So, it’s a big deal when a Chinese firm, Synaptics has declared to materialize this amazing sensor on their upcoming Vivo smartphone.

Having a fingerprint scanner in the display means you can easily place your thumb on the digit reader to unlock your device. Besides, there will be no Home Button eating up space on your phone’s display, nor will there be any fumbling to reach the fingerprint reader on your phone’s back. Simply press the in-screen reader with your thumb where the Home Button resides. The sensor will register your digit, flash a spider web-like pattern in blue light and within seconds, you’re in.

How does this in-screen fingerprint sensor work?

in-screen fingerprint sensor-how it works
There isn’t a physical sensor; rather an optical image sensor as introduced by Synaptics. The sensors lie beneath the OLED display panel of the phone. A fingerprint icon is present at the bottom of the locked screen. When you press your thumb (or finger) on that icon, the sensor arrays will start scanning it using the light emitted by the OLED panel. Once scanned, your print will run through an AI processor which is trained to identify the different characteristics of your digit to authenticate your print and let you have access to your smartphone.

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Is it easy to setup?

Yes, it is. Only once you’re required to get your fingerprints scanned thrice to figure an accurate image of your fingerprints during the setup process. Furthermore, it’s possible to register multiple fingers. So, it’s recommended to get both your thumbs registered so that you easily unlock your smartphone anytime.

When can you see it in the market?

Reportedly, this Vivo smartphone using the in-screen fingerprint sensor will be launched in the first half of this year. Alex Feng, Senior Vice President, Vivo, has claimed in a press statement:

“Today’s showcase of a ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning smartphone featuring an optical fingerprint sensor is a big leap forward in bringing consumers this long-awaited, futuristic mobile experience. We are very excited to make it available to consumers soon.”

It’s worth noting that Vivo doesn’t have much standing in major global tech markets like UK and US, it’s quite unlikely that the natives of these countries will be able to have it soon. Besides, the new technology of fingerprint scanning is expensive, so chances are that it will make its way to premium smartphones first. According to Synaptics, they need a couple more years to make this technology inexpensive so that it can become a viable option.

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Smartphone with In-screen Fingerprint Sensor Coming Soon
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Smartphone with In-screen Fingerprint Sensor Coming Soon
The world’s first smartphone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor is about to be launched soon and set the ball rolling for other brands to contribute the same to the technology market. It’s the Chinese phone maker Vivo that’s going to use this amazing technology as introduced by Sypnatics on their upcoming smartphone.
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