Useful Apps for Android
10 Useful Apps for Android to Install Right Now

Before you set off with your brand new Android phone, the first order of business will be to grab the apps that can make your smartphone’s experience much more enjoyable. Besides, if they are free or cheap; you won’t have any excuse for not giving them a shot. Check out the list of these 10 useful apps for Android that we’ve curated for you.

Useful Apps for Android

  1. Dropbox

Useful Apps for Android-Dropbox (1)Long before, apps like iCloud or OneDrive were introduced to the Android market; Dropbox was the first app to handle syncing and cloud backup on your device. In fact, you can still use it for sharing your files across different platforms as well as backing up your photos. And if you want, you’ll happily pay $9.99/month to have an extra 1TB.

  1. Google Photos

Useful Apps for Android-Google PhotosAlthough Apple photos have gained popularity in recent times, Google Photos is still the first choice when it comes to managing photos and videos. It works superbly on all platforms, including Windows, Android, iOS and macOS if you’re ready to resize your pictures for saving space. With Google Photos, it’s easy to navigate photos using visual search, and then sharing them with others. Furthermore, the intuitive editing tools and Google’s image recognition tool brings your photos to life and fits the app perfectly on our list of useful apps for Android devices.

  1. IFTTT

Useful Apps for Android-IFTTTIFTTT (an acronym for If This, Then That) is a free web-based service to get all your devices and apps together. There are over 400 apps that work with this service, including Google Drive, Instagram, Gmail, and Twitter etc. IFTTT is a useful Android app that must have a room on your smartphone. There are a lot of things this app will do for you automatically, such as turning your WiFi off when you reach your office, change the wallpaper on your mobile on a scheduled date, open Google Maps whenever you plan for a journey, post for you on various social networks simultaneously, and so on.

  1. SwiftKey

Useful Apps for Android-SwiftKeyThe first thing when you start customizing your new Android smartphone should always be installing Swift keyboard. Believe us, this keyboard is really something you can’t live without once you’ve used it. This intelligent keyboard app inherits many features such as swipe-to-type, AI-powered autocorrects, word-to-sentence predictions and some amazing customizations to personalize your keyboard. Besides, there are 150+ languages supported by SwiftKey, so that you can take your typing experience to the next level.

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  1. Google Translate

Useful Apps for Android-Google TranslateThe best among translation apps, Google Translate is the default choice for travelers. The app is getting smarter than before with Google’s AI improvements for translating not only texts but audios and images as well. Offering you translation among 103 languages online and 59 offline, Google Translate is certainly the perfect fit in our list of useful apps for Android smartphones.

  1. ExpressVPN

Useful Apps for Android-ExpressVPNYou’ve probably aware of the benefits that a VPN (Virtual Private Network) offers. By keeping your data secured and encrypted, a VPN protects your device from hackers. Sounds great, right? Well, ExpressVPN is a notable name in the field. Using this VPN proxy service, you can browse internet anonymously and securely within a few taps. The multiple location choices, money-back guarantee, 24/7 support and its intuitive surface is what stands out among other apps of the same kind.

  1. Evernote

Useful Apps for Android-EvernoteEvernote has everything you need to keep your work effortlessly organized. In case your work involves taking quick notes on a regular basis, opt for Evernote where you can add unlimited checklists and notes in the form of text, images, sketches, PDFs etc. What’s more? Features like hand-writing recognition, presentation mode for big screens and cross-platform syncing offered by the app makes Evernote an indispensable tool you’d never want to miss out.

  1. Pocket Casts

Useful Apps for Android-Pocket CastsPocket Casts is a must-have Android app for everyone who loves podcasts. Featuring a user-friendly interface, the app is full of smart features like alerts for new episodes arrival, automatic downloads for offline, easy episode cleanup, and intro skipping. Moreover, the developers have come up with a revamped interface recently which will automatically sync with your device.

  1. Citymapper

Useful Apps for Android-CitymapperNo matter you already have Google Maps on your device; you’ll love Citymapper once you’ve installed and used it. With this ultimate transit app, it’ll be so easy for you to move across your city by checking nearby departures in real time and looking for the fastest routes. Above all, the app inherits amazing features like sending alerts when your favorite routes are disrupted or your destination is near.

  1. Microsoft Word

Useful Apps for Android-Microsoft WordAn app that needs no introduction, Microsoft Word is an essential app for almost everyone. Be it a student, a blogger, a journalist or anyone having innumerable writing and reading tasks in hand, if you own Microsoft Word, means you can easily see all those PDF files and email attachments. Using the robust tools that the app offers, you can create impactful documents.

Did we miss any of your favorite Android apps? Drop in your suggestions in the comments section below.

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10 Useful Apps for Android to Install Right Now
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10 Useful Apps for Android to Install Right Now
Before you set off with your brand new Android phone, the first order of business will be to grab the apps that can make your smartphone’s experience much more enjoyable. Besides, if they are free or cheap; you won’t have any excuse for not giving them a shot. Check out our list of these 10 useful apps for Android.
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