Protect Emails on iPhone
How to Protect Emails on iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID Sensor

No matter whether you’re a high school student or a business tycoon, an intrusion into privacy is not welcome at any cost. Thankfully, Outlook is on your side and has come up with a clever idea to protect emails on iPhone that’s definitely worth giving a shot. You can now safeguard your Outlook emails using Face ID or Touch ID security feature on your iPhone.

Outlook has, arguably, been the best email app for iPhones and hosts a large number of iOS users and their email activities. Consequently, it becomes essential for the developers to help the users secure their private information from prying eyes by adding an extra layer of security. In order to make Outlook more secure for you, the app will want to recognize your face and fingerprints as well as ask for your iPhone passcode. Read the post to know in detail.

Protect Emails on iPhone

Enable Face ID or Touch ID on Your iPhone

To protect emails on iPhone, you’ll have to enable Face ID or Touch ID sensors on your device.

    • Open Outlook on your iPhone and tap the menu icon in the top left corner
    • From the menu that appears, tap the gear icon in the bottom left corner to enter Settings

Protect Emails on iPhone-enable Face ID or Touch ID in Oulook

  • Now scroll down to “Require Face ID” or “Require Touch ID”, and toggle the option on

Protect Emails on iPhone-Require Face or Touch IDNote: In case you are unable to find Face ID option in Outlook on your iPhone X, you’ll have to enable it first.

  • Go to Settings app on your device
  • Now tap “Face Id & Passcode” and enter your passcode
  • Scroll down to “Use Face Id For” section and choose “Other Apps” to enable your Outlook

Protect Emails on iPhone-allow Outlook to use Face IDOnce you’ve enabled Face ID in your Outlook, open the app. A dialogue box asking for your permission will appear. Tap “Ok” to confirm.

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What if Outlook Doesn’t Recognize your Face or Fingerprint?

Chances are Outlook may not detect your face or fingerprint due to improper lighting or dirt on the screen. In that situation, Outlook won’t ask for a specific PIN (unlike other email apps). You’ll rather need your iPhone passcode to open the app.
Protect Emails on iPhone-enter iPhone PasscodeUndoubtedly, setting an Outlook-specific PIN would have been a more secure way to protect emails on iPhone. Still, everything is fine as long as nobody else knows your iPhone’s passcode. Hence, it’s recommended that you don’t share your iPhone’s passcode with anyone. Else, they will be able to access your Outlook as well.

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How to Protect Emails on iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID Sensor
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How to Protect Emails on iPhone with Face ID or Touch ID Sensor
Outlook makes it possible for you to protect emails on iPhone using Face ID or Touch ID security feature. Walk through the post to know more.
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